Plastic Surgery Meter: Sehun, EXO


Sehun, EXO’s intense maknae, has had a little bit of plastic surgery. There are so many obvious nose jobs in KPOP, and his is another one. I don’t really think there can be any debate about it. I’m pretty sure he’s also done something to his eyes because they seem wider compared to his old photos. He definitely has double eyelids as Xiumin said himself that he was the only member in EXO without.

Before and after pics


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Son Donwoon

he is probably get his nose done. look at his nosetril when he smiles, you can tell that his nosetril got smaller. you can try… Read more »

Angelica Ebueza Garlet

Malamang Lumalaki na sila tumatanda na
Katulad nga ng sisiw diba nagigng manok sila
Si Sehun pummopogi 🙂

Ximena Parsons

He always reminds me of an asian draco malfoy lol, espesh in Growl

Maria Kim

same as Zelo, he just a baby that still grow

Park Soo Min

this sexy peaceful man didnt do any surgerys ! guys people change when they become older ! i grew up now and i look nothing… Read more »

Jordan Niccolo Raymundo

all exo have ps.. like there noonas plastic generation. .. the only group that didnt come under the knife is Fx and suju..

Asia Airi Ziajska

First of all Kpop stars loose soooo much weight so this might be the cause of their better look too. When they loose like 15… Read more »

Sierra Bowers

Look, I have nothing against plastic surgery, but I don’t think Sehun had any. If you watch his graduation video and look at his father,… Read more »

Chloe Arjona

Duh, you cant compare a photo when he was a child and present. All of us changes features when we grew up. Make sense please.… Read more »

Quỳnh Anh Nguyễn

Yah,it’s nonsense. The photos are very old and everyone do look different after puberty. Even I’m shocked when I’m looking at old photos of me,… Read more »

Eka Mardyaningsih Emdyan

A change of countenance human physical in line with the process of growth The face of a baby ( the age of 1-2 years )… Read more »

Eka Mardyaningsih Emdyan

A change of countenance human physical in line with the process of growth The face of a baby ( the age of 1-2 years )… Read more »

Eka Mardyaningsih Emdyan

I am too tired to hear and read the news which is not true about the exo. actually, what you guys compare of photos before… Read more »

Ivan Reinaldo

other than he looks like a douchebag in the first picture, nothing wrong here.

Venisa Mega

Did you lose your mind? How can you say that Sehun had a plastic surgery? Are you a surgeon who did his surgery? So many… Read more »

Izy Loyola Molano

I don’t believe that Kris, Luhan, Baekhyun, Sehun and etc. done a plastic surgery. Maybe some of kpop idols had undergo the plastic surgery. but… Read more »

Suzy Nandia

I don’t think he got anything. If you see the old pic you can see double eyelid and when he smiles his eyes get smaller… Read more »

Shairyl Pasana

it’s puberty and some facial treatment.

Monz Hâm

Excuse you!! Stop writing these stupid things plz

Kiong Mary Jo

Mostly do That .. Not Surprise !! Wp RV

Elaiza Baguinon

I THINK it’s puberty that made him look like that now… our facial structures becomes more refined as we grow old because I’ve noticed that… Read more »

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