Plastic Surgery Meter: Minho, SHINee


As the “visual” member of SHINee, it’s clear that Minho is naturally very handsome, but visuals don’t usually escape the surgeon’s helping hand, because nothing is ever good enough in KPOP – everything can be improved! Which brings us to the saga of Minho’s lovely nose.

In his pre-debut years, Minho had a a flat nose with quite a wide bridge with a bump on it. It’s quite likely that he had a slight nose job some time around his debut, mostly concentrating on his bridge. Since then, his nose has fluctuated a lot, being quite pointy at times (e.g. in 2009) and flat at others. This suggests that he uses fillers to shape his nose.

I didn’t peg him as having double eyelid surgery, as his eyes have always been wide, but the below gif alone casts some doubt. Usually, when you shut your eyes the eyelid creases disappear. Minho’s are still quite prominent, which does make me wonder if he did indeed get the eyelid surgery after all.

Minho double eyelid surgery

Before and after pics

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I have a prominent crease when I close my eyes and I’ve never had eyelid surgery before…

Aparajita Behera

who cares…

Ang Xin

Who cares if he has done any surgery or not? Biaes mean that we like them, not by looks or whatever, we just like them… Read more »

Shena Mabuna

There is no point of looking for the truth on this site. All they find is some pictures with different lighting/angles, compare them and the… Read more »

Sophia Bañares

Wala namang pinagbago -_-

Abigail Lim Kim Ching

his beforer is still cute <3

Nurul Syafiqah Aqilah


Mark Tu-an

Minho swore he never had plastic surgerry and says it’s because his face naturally swells up which is the reason why he looks different at… Read more »

Norizzah Syazana

he look same…u saw him different maybe because of makeup?makeup can make people face look different…

Astrid Maldonado

he looks the exact same though? He’s not even my Shinee bias tbh, but he honestly looks the same, even with different makeup, hair, lighting,… Read more »

Halimat Olunlade

I think he started out using fillers and then just got his nose done finally. He still looks hot either way though, and he is… Read more »

Brielle Jhosef Ong

My double eyelids are also still visible when I close my eyes and obviously that’s explainable it’s just the nose so no biggie

Justin Nghiem

Only cuz he broke his nose, still deserves to be known as a natural beauty cmon now.

Miranda Fay Stevens

He looks all natural to me..

Pow Marin

and his face seems smaller nowadays…


he is like Changmin looks gazillion times better in person.

Itzel Choi

I accept you the way you are. Anyway, we can only be happy ever after if I get a nose job so we can be… Read more »

Patricia Jhean

He’s not one of the plastic surgery, it’s just that he have hes new hair style. 🙂

Natali Vargas

i don’t know what to believe in shinee

Sukia Mono

I know that he got surgery after breaking his nose, but i’m not sure about double eyelid surgery. His eyes are too big, lololol. Minho… Read more »

Kenzie Morgan

You cannot claim someone has eyelid surgery based on a crease when they close their eyes. I HAVE A CREASE WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES… Read more »

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