We have temporarily closed this feature due to the high volume of requests! The request form will be available again in future once we have worked through some of the current list (seen below).

Before making a request, please take a look at the names on our current list and check to make sure we haven’t already covered that person in the past. If you can’t find them on the site or in the list, feel free to request them! Please write both the person’s name and the group that they’re in (if applicable). Note that we only cover idols and not actors or actresses.

We attempt to handle  requests in the order that they come in or according to the amount of people that requested that particular person. This does not mean that we won’t also cover other idols that are not on the request list, but we try to get to the requests as often as we can.

To avoid any confusion, this form is now the only way to submit a request.

Our current request list
(Oldest request) BTS Jin; Rain; BEAST Lee Gikwang; BEAST Hyunseung; After School Raina; NU’EST Minhyun; INFINITE Sungjong; NS Yoon-G; Wonder Girls Yubin; 4Minute Sohyun; T-ara Jiyeon; miss A Fei; miss A Jia; KARA Nicole; KARA Gyuri; Block B U-Kwon; PSY; VIXX Ken; T-ara Qri (Newest request)


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