Plastic Surgery Meter: Chanyeol, EXO


At first glance, EXO’s Chanyeol looks quite natural, especially compared to some of the other plastic surgery enthusiasts on his team. But, as per usual, the pre-debut photos will put an end to that fantasy. In Chanyeol’s case, I think his his surgery is just limited to the KPOP Combo. They did a good job on his nose, it looks smaller but it still suits his face. The double eyelids are pretty obvious in close-up photos.

Before and after pics

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Sunny Morrin

I think his eyes are natural but I agree with the nose job, pre debut he had a bump on his nose and now it’s… Read more »

Danica Pizarro Bueno

Tsss what ever he do to his face I still love HIM!! ♥♥

Nicole Shiyuukii Woltmann

oh,come one….maybe he had nose job,but maybe i’m blind,cause i don’t see it……about his eyes. he had big problems,he had glasses and must did surgery,if… Read more »

Kenjie Urap Uehara

His chin..

Koh Yx

The worst article ever stop saying myth about our yeollie theres OBVIOUSLY no difference

Dian Nur Rahmawati

aku rasa oppa nggak oplas dehc, lihat aja mukanya nggak berubah- ubah

Allure Ng

Although I’m an EXO fan, I’ll accept he had a nose job or whatever crap but I’m 100% sure that he didn’t have double eyelid… Read more »

Danie Tiu

I’m a chanyeol stan and he definitely had some tweaking done not major changes on his face, tbh i like the predebut chanyeol more haha

Son Donwoon

he is probably done his nose bridge and tweaked his eyes.

Anh Luong

All of his photos look the same too me…. His face just matured.

Hanaa Aït El Caid

sorry his nose looks the same LOL.

Rah-Jae Cabrera

Oh c’mon! This is so obvious. Chan Yeol just grew up. Is that a crime? *ugh!

Fheb Rozel Billones

He just grew up ,,

Kiki Kitti Sofea

He looks exactly like his sister, Park Yura and y’all said he had a surgery? pfft..

Claire Hagos Tabago

ooohh… I don’t think he got PS. It’s pretty obvious that he just grew up. :))) All the same, just got manlier kekeke

Dimpz Lorenzo

is it just that he only matured so that some of his face part changed or have some improvements?

Chloe Arjona

Lol, there’s no difference between his before and after photos. Just the hairstyles -_- Chanyeol’s parents are really beautiful and handsome thats why he has… Read more »

Ketevan Zeikidze

he was a pretty boy, which is surprising because now he is not feminin at all.

Luisa Hizu Pianigiani

Seeing how you pay attention to tiny useless details I think you’d think I got plastic surgery too if I show you my pictures from… Read more »

Sung Ji Woo Mas

Chanyeol…is handsome and cute even before his surg…i likE his nose before…he looks from a royal family……he’s so cute with his hair when his younger..kyaaaaaa… Read more »

Irina Xalli Azorin

I don’t know if his eyes surgery has something to do with the fact he has a disease

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