Plastic Surgery Meter: Sooyoung, Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

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I’ve always said that I didn’t think anyone in Girls’ Generation escaped the surgeon’s knife, and I stand by that statement. With that as the disclaimer, it’s no surprise to find out that SNSD’s Sooyoung has undergone plastic surgery.

The most obvious thing she’s had done is her nose. It’s possible that she’s had more than one nose job, because even her pre-debut nose sometimes looks unnaturally little on her face. Even if that were her original nose, she’s definitely had something done since then. Note the wider, flared nostrils in the before pics compared to the after pics.

Sooyoung has also had double eyelid surgery. If you look at the after pictures, two of them show the surgically-created crease.

Aside from these two definite procedures, it’s possible that she also had her jaw shaved slightly to make it less square. This one is up for debate, but the KPOP Combo is 100% stamped and approved!

Before and after pics


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This appears to be like exciting. I’d which consists of within steering of obtain keep of updates by way of direction… Read more »


“…all aspects regarded as, i’d really be in just Philadelphia”…W.C. Fields


I feel like all her before pics are way more attractive than her after prics

Israel Ying Ding

Compare your current photo and child-hood photos.
Then you will know the truth.
People change with age.

Solène Blondel

Daaamn she was probably the prettiest member of SNSD without surgery. Why did she have to change !!

Parker Dylan Marisy

What looks different is her lips! They looked bigger and puffier during 2007-2009 around there! Her lips look smaller now however.

Ruba Chan

are you stupid her nose never change

Kaylene Wong

the latest ep (254) on running man, its obvious she had her nose done. some people were saying the singaporean blogger… Read more »

Scarlet Johnson

Lol. next just show us 10 pre debut pictures of her that shows she had undergo surgery and i give you… Read more »

Sophie Puybaret

I’m not sure about the eyes, but her nose has definitely changed… I’m sorry Sooyoung I LOVE you to death, but… Read more »

Jan Patrick Nolasco Nicolas

This page has nose issues.

Dyah Puzz

I don’t care if she had plastic surgery or not,i love her bcoz her personality,she a great woman,beauty inside n outside.

Charlotte Villamora

it’s really obvious that she has gone a plastic surgery :3
i’m not an anti-Snsd i’m just saying my opinion

Reyhan Arif Budiman

She has Indonesian blood, which is my country 🙂

Catherine Lagodgod

maganda parin siya..

Elysia Sudworth

She is very pretty, but it’s so obvious she has had plastic surgery, she looks completely different now than pre debut… Read more »

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