Plastic Surgery Meter: Suho, EXO


There was some other stuff scheduled for this week, but it’s on hold so we can talk about the EXO comeback, and more specifically: SUHO’S NOSE JOB. Now, I know many will disagree with me (what’s new), but I will present the photographic evidence and you can draw whatever conclusions you like.

Most people know about the EXO-K leak of “Overdose”. If you check out the leaked dance practice video (do not click this link if you are morally against seeing the leaked video! No one is being forced!), you can see that Suho is wearing a face mask. He is the only one wearing one, and he’s indoors. This immediately made me suspicious that he may have recently had some plastic surgery. I made a mental note to keep an eye on his face, and lo and behold, his nose has changed. Thanks again SM Facebook staff for always providing such quality photos.

So now you know why Suho looks so different this comeback, and it’s not just the hair. I know many will argue make-up, etc etc, but I am going to argue make-up + hair + NOSE JOB.

I think he possibly also had double eyelid surgery at some stage. Suho has always had double eyelids, but those eyelid lines look pretty deep and exceptionally perfect in some photos, which is usually a dead giveaway for the surgery.

Before and after pics

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Sherri Renee Sumaya

I seriously don’t know how you guy’s are saying he had PS…he looks the same , just grown up…he grew into his face….How can you… Read more »

Vane Periñan Ramirez

I haven’t think on that! and I’m a Suho biased!!! i haven’t see that close and think about a nosejob, he was pretty cute in… Read more »

Nhi Vuong

For some reason, I always think that Suho looks like a Ken doll

Caroline Schumacher

I think Suho look same :/ not different face he’s still handsome at the same time :*

Kris Perry

every photo looks the same man ==

Mirta Ana Schultz

Totally obvious done nose.

Yatpo Li McPoynter

With Plastic Surgery the worst is that sometimes the person was already pretty or alright to begin with , but then they do Plastic Surgery… Read more »

Yatpo Li McPoynter

With Plastic Surgery the worst is that sometimes the person was already pretty or alright to begin with , but then they do Plastic Surgery… Read more »

Ton Père Mitch

It is not because he wore a mask during the dance practice, that he has done a nose job. In Asia, when you’re sick, you… Read more »

Jasmine Ha

lol, his nose in this pic looks exactly the same as the 2013 pic of him in the teal tracksuit and this is pic just… Read more »


just because he was wearing a mask doesnt mean he had plastic surgery…. do you really think he’d have time to go get something done… Read more »

Hanaa Aït El Caid

plastic surgery or not, the kid is handsome. most idols only get very small tweaks done. it doesn’t mean they weren’t naturally handsome. i actually… Read more »

Kiki Kitti Sofea

He wears a mask when the overdose dance practise coz he doesnt like to show his face without any make-up. Did u all watch EXO… Read more »

Nur Syafitriyana Yana

I don’t believe this since for me Suho ‘s nose and eyes still as the same as before… Just because he wear mask doesn’t mean… Read more »

Nicole Manalo

He looked better before he debuted!!!! WHY?!?!! SUHO?? WHY!!

Chloe Arjona

I’m not arguing with you. But i don’t believe in this.

Anthony Ashcraft

He has always looked very “plasticy” to me. It was probably the very first thing I noticed about him. I don’t care, though, and still… Read more »

Bethany Carkhuff

Fat graft!

Kristin Hu

Oh, I actually had a hard time noticing a difference but something is different indeed. Damn though this blog gets some nasty comments, can we… Read more »

Rachel Tseng

duuuude i TOTALLY was suspecting that he got plastic surgery too when i first saw the leaked overdose dance practice

Megan Malenfant

The sad part for me is that I think Suho was REALLY handsome pre debut. He looks really similar to his pre debut pictures(even with… Read more »

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