Plastic Surgery Meter: Kevin, U-KISS


Today we stray from the official request list to look at Kevin of U-KISS. He always looked pretty natural to me, his nose doesn’t strike me as being too small for his face and he doesn’t have obvious double eyelids or an unnaturally sloping nose. However, rummaging through his past photos tells a different story.

From looking at pictures of Kevin throughout the years, it’s clear to see that his face changed in a noticeable way between 2010 and 2011. His nose is now slimmer (kudos to the surgeon for not going overboard) and his eyes seem slightly wider. I can say with some certainty that he’s had a nose job, and I’d also venture to say that he had double eyelid surgery or some other eye work. Overall, he still looks human, which is more than can be said for some.

Before and after pics 

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Great, bing took me stright here. thanks btw for this. Cheers!

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This is good. Thanks!


Aw, this was a really Superb short article. Turning into the year and severe energy inside of advice of crank out a Perfect short article…… Read more »


How lovable is HE Awww! Thus joyful that there is a cub!


Can you do U-kiss Soohyun and U-kiss Kiseop too??


i had watched kevin start from he as Xing’s member. yeah, his nose is different,especially in Believe Mv. but his eyes?i don’t think kpop… Read more »


He definitely did something to his nose. I used to watch him on Arirang regularly, then I stopped for a while, and when I did… Read more »

Eva Gerrish

Im pretty sure its the makeup and the different facial expressions. Kevin admitted himself he likes natural beauty. He IS natural beauty. Plus its against… Read more »


Between then & now he lost ALOT of weight. because of U-KISS’ crazy tour lineup, comebacks, MV shoots, Photoshoots, TV Shows and Musicals they suffered… Read more »

Chesca Goze

he has double eyelids??? i dont see them

Jennifer Chuang

Could it be makeup??? It just seems like he’s wearing more in the after pics, especially with the guyliner. I know when I wear eyeliner,… Read more »

Kim Decena

Who cares? Kevin is kevin. <3

Joanna Hsieh

Thank you for posting this ^~^ Are you going to update anytime soon? Don’t let the haters get to you!

Vitz Stiany

he is natural, his eyes really small without double eyelid he still handsome… and he doesn’t nose surgery plz find and check out his video… Read more »

Felicia Ting

His eyes could be wider due to contact lenses?! It might not be sugery..

Lana S Omer

this not true kevin best and beautiful boy in the world and shut up and go away bitch

Gee Gee Rain

I love how for the before pictures you choose photos when he has a huge smile on his face, making his nose look wider. And… Read more »

Yu Na

this is not true , yes their face changed but its not because of plastic surgery it is because of our growing changes etc. its… Read more »

Amy Leigh

his nose, yes. but not his eyes. ive seen him at press events and he just wears wider eye makeup and contouring/shadowing to make them… Read more »

Vanessa Miguel

I noticed the difference in his nose when I watched old MVs of UKiss and even when he was still a member of Xing. His… Read more »

Taryn Dean

Im not usually one to.defend or argue with these as i don’t really care what they did with their face its their buisness. But i… Read more »

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