Plastic Surgery Meter: Daehyun, B.A.P


Daehyun, another B.A.P member with a boat-load of plastic surgery. First of all, from the deep eyelid creases noticeable in some pics, it’s clear that Daehyun has had double eyelid surgery. Along with that, and this should come as no surprise to those who read this website and are aware of the eye+nose KPOP Combo, he also appears to have had a nose job. I don’t think he’s gone too far with it though, it still looks quite nice and not unnatural.

If you look at Daehyun’s chin, it looks like he may also have had some work done there. He went from someone with a very weak chin to someone with an actual chin, so maybe a chin implant? Check out the pics below.

Before and after pics

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Jay Ann Yap

First of all, who cares if he did plastic surgery? And second, there is no proof to your point whatsoever unless he confirms or denies… Read more »

Alea Hazly

HE HAD BRACESSSSSS I for one know this as a fact . His teeth used to be uneven and it made his jaw somewhat protruded.… Read more »

Babyz Nikki

I honestly think it’s mostly photo touchups & makeup. I’m a Baby but I also think he’s an adult & can do whatever he wants.… Read more »

Cande Saez

face can change whit years daehyun don’t have any plastic surgery pls

Mỹ Linh

Let’s just say he hasn’t had any serious work done on his face until there’s finally a reliable resource to prove he really did do… Read more »


he did something to his eyes and nose for sure. not double eyelids, but some eyelid lifting or something like that.


he did something to his eyes and nose for sure. not double eyelids, but some eyelid lifting or something like that.


Obviously, some people have no life so they decide to go inspect other people their faces for the fun of it. Well, let me tell… Read more »

Mariana Cordova

Sorry to ruin your illuminati theories, but people’s face changes after using braces.
I’m a clear example of that.

Jayden Lee

I remember seeing a pre-debut clip of Daehyun singing at his vocal school, and I was stunned to see how different he looked. If not… Read more »

Su Yeong Choi

call me stubborn, but i don’t think Daehyun have plastic surgery >u<

Em Jahay

he hasn’t had any surgery period and the photos used wouldn’t have proved anything anyways our faces change as we grow from children to adults… Read more »

Marta Reyes

actually he hasn’t a chin job it is because he had braces and not becuase of surgery and about his eyes… i don’t think he… Read more »

かわいい ねこ

well, even though he did some surgery…I still love him…Daehyun is Daehyun. I love him no matter what he looks like. that’s why you guys… Read more »

Marta Dijak

About that chin. I think that he did not have a chin implant. He just eats a lot, so it must’ve got stronger by the… Read more »

Zi Jun Yeo

Uhhhh im pretty sure he had braces. My jaw looked like that before I had braces too.

Shafiqah Zulkifli

because he wear braces his chin may look like that, i wear braces too and the same thing happen to me.. i’m his fans from… Read more »

Vivi A Uchiha

And he didnt have eyelid surgery…

Amaya Aguero

He had the same problem my brother has but it ins’t so visible as his chin was !! my brother also tough to do surgery… Read more »

Vivi Rabbaniah

actually daehyun didnt do any chin/jaw surgery.
he wore braces before so thats why his chin was a little bigger(the one when he wears spectacles).

Lana Bonkerz

Holy shiet 😮

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