Plastic Surgery Meter: Seohyun, Girls’ Generation (SNSD)


I know we’ll get a lot of hate for this one since people love to bang on about what a natural beauty SNSD’s Seohyun is and now she must have an allergic reaction to get all bloaty-faced like that, so lets fight it out here.

There are lots of pre-debut videos and photos around to show that Seohyun always had a cute, round face and a lot of aegyo sal. Every once in a while her upper eyelid creases seem very pronounced, but I’ve been told she uses eyelid tape, which makes it hard to know if she ever underwent double eyelid surgery or not. What I can tell you is that she has aegyo sal to the point of looking inhuman (see pics), which suggests she gets filler. I don’t think she had the surgery because her aegyo sal fluctuates.

I can tell you one thing for certain though, Seohyun has had a nose job. Her nose still looks nice and not wholly unnatural, but it is definitely the smaller, “cuter” version of what she had before. Check out the pre-debut video above and the after photos below to see the way the tip of her nose has changed.

When it comes to her well-known puffy face, it might be a reaction to botox, it could be dermal filler, fat grafting, or it might just be that she was always very chubby-cheeked, and her new, smaller nose has exaggerated this feature.

Before and after pics


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Isabelle Samantha Mendoza

Nothing Changed she just developed … She has one of the natural beauty in snsd

Vicky Ruiz

Not in her character to be unsatisfied with her looks. She’s a health nut and wouldn’t risk damaging her body.

Shahrul Akma

i see no different between before and after..

LuLu Chen

I disagree. Seohyun Unnie is a natural beauty. She literally looks the same.

Alaska Young

I think she did a little bit of rhinoplasty.

Rameyn Carylistic

The nose :3 Lel

Yasaman Nrz

she looks same to me

Thin Thin Tuayang

nothing change for me also…..and if there is one i think she became more beautiful …

Rangga De

Seohyun did nothing … 😀 don’t push yourself too hard to make a rumor… Seohyun is the most natura member in SNSD

Marimar L Tonog

I still love seohyun unnie, don’t get me wrong, I love all the members of snsd, but most of all I love seohyun unnie most<3

Pupu Ratan

fuck you!!!

Oh Hye Mi

She’s just a cute and beutiful girl with talent i think

Elysia Sudworth

She is a natural beauty, I believe she has not had anything done, she is one of the prettiest most natural idols in all of… Read more »

Esther Seol

changing of faces is called losing weight if that rings a bell… goes for many of these celebrities

Deric Hii


Aylinh Eng

She looks like she got the least done out of all of them…

Kagamine Len Kun

Before; Middle Photo.

You can clearly see that the photo was edited >.> The nose doesn’t even look natural

Justine Briza Du Fabular

i think nothing has change… i think she did not .. she looks same actually .. just being honest…

Eridania Belen

yeah i see it

Claire Park

She looked better before, in my most honest opinion lol


I agree, she didn’t need the nose job.

Lucy Lu

A lot of hate? I think you’re a tad confused. I’ll give ya a lotta love~~ even tho she’s the only decent member of snsd… Read more »

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