Plastic Surgery Meter: Hongki, FTISLAND


As a child actor, Lee Hongki of FTISLAND has been in the public eye for a long time, so it was quite easy to find photos of him in his younger years. He always had quite a strong eyelid crease, so I don’t believe his big, doe-eyes are the result of double eyelid surgery. He does appear to have had a nose job at some point, as his nose is a bit narrower and smaller than previously. His nose bridge is also slightly more prominent.

It’s worth noting that, for an adult male, he has quite strong but wildly fluctuating aegyo sal. This would suggest that he gets fillers once in a while to keep them looking plump.

Before and after pics

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Hongki always had aegyo sal, even when he was a child, just his aegyo sal appear only when he smile or is tired. And for… Read more »

Jesfellia Tan

Yeahhh , i absolutely agree with all the comment below , he didn’t have any plastic surgery !

Chesca Goze

I dont believe he’s had anything except a nose job done. I mean, seriously even though he did grow up, its still pretty clear that… Read more »

Katelyn Sanborn

There is MAKE UP that is used to make the Aegyo Sal more prominent. He hasn’t had plastic surgery. Also MAKE UP is used for… Read more »

Kally Xu

Lee Hongki never got plastic surgery. None of the evidence you have provided is strong enough to support that. Sorry, but I 100% doubt that… Read more »

Joy Del Gigante

He nvr got PS its called he grew over the past few years..

Mica Patricia Gaccion Ong

Those aegyo sals are either eyebags or just the result of him making his eyes bit squeezed. I always watch him in different shows but… Read more »

María Fernanda

He said that he never got a PS :/

Kaylene Wong

im amused he looks so much like kangin (and maybe a little like top).

Eeza Caca

Have you ever heard the words called growing up?

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