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Plastic Surgery Meter: Rap Monster, Bangtan Boys | KPOP Surgery 7

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About Rap Monster

Rap Monster is a rapper, composer and songwriter. He is known for being the leader and one of the main rappers for the K-pop group BTS under Big Hit Entertainment.

He is born Kim Nam Joon on September 12, 1994 at Ilsan-gu, Goyang, South Korea.

He stands 5′ 11″ (180 cm) and weighs 64 kgs (141 lbs).

Prior to his debut with BTS, Rap Monster was an underground rapper who went under the name ‘Runcha Randa,’ and is a member of the underground hip hop crew Daenamhyup.

He made his debut as a member of BTS in July of 2013 with the track “No More Dream.” Rap Monster has also produced and wrote the lyrics for some of BTS’ songs.

In the following year, he collaborated with American rapper and hip hop producer Warren G for the single, “P.D.D (Please Don’t Die).” He also collaborated with the South Korean hip hop project group MFBTY for the track, “Bucku Bucku.”

In 2015, he released his first ever solo mixtape called ‘RM’ which was then ranked 48th on Spin’s “50 Best Hip Hop Albums of 2015.” In the same year, he became a cast member for the tvN variety talk show, “Hot Brain: Problematic Men.”

Fun Facts about Rap Monster

  1. He is called as ‘God of Destruction’ since he always destroys everything which he touches.
  2. Rap Monster is the first member to join BTS.
  3. He has an IQ of 148.
  4. He ranked top 1% of the nation during his high school exams.
  5. Rap Monster has a habit of imitating his members.
  6. His favorite color is black.
  7. He is the tallest member of BTS.
  8. His blood type is A.
  9. In BTS’ dorm, he is in charge of sweeping the floor.
  10. He was said to be so bad at dancing that his teacher called him ‘Dance Prodigy.’

Rap Monster Plastic Surgery

Rap Monster Plastic Surgeryc mystery has been bothering us for a while 😉  He has a pretty obvious nose job, and we always wanted to collect some pre-debut pics to prove it.

Below you can see that his nose used to have a wider and rounder tip, while his bridge was flatter and less even. He now sports a straight-bridged, pointy nose which can only be the result of surgery.

The rest of his face doesn’t look as if it’s changed. He still has mono eyelids which would suggest he hasn’t altered his eyes, because double eyelid surgery is usually the first thing people go for.

Before and after pics



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Amber Hooks

I don’t believe the “plastic surgery” crap this website is saying. I say these guys are beautiful regardless.

Dat Fabulouz Butt

I see no difference XD

Kiyoshi Mimy


Jeanilou Ramos


Lyn Dizon Bermeo

it depends on camera angle ..

Ashley Ng

Guys, hardcore army here, but even if they did plastic surgery, would you love them any less? To me, plastic surgery… Read more »

Tesalee Joy Yao-Sollano

For real…?

Madeline Tan

They just playing their nose to be big like mr.bean

Mia Richardson

I’ve looked at a lot of other pictures of him both predebut and current ones

Brenda Blaise Brain

They all hav a natural look. Its just tat they are still young and they grow. So, their physical changes a… Read more »

Cheonsa V Inspirit

Oh really uri BTS Is Natural ok . . . . -.-

Nisa Nieysha

okay then if he had done something with his nose,i think it’s just the injection of a filler to make the… Read more »

Mhica De Guzman Angeles

I don’t care :3

Kkamie Young

I-i think it’s not real… he’s ugly and when he have a plastic surgery, he’s still ugly. that’s his natural look… Read more »

Pink Chim
Reply to  Kkamie Young

I hope you choke and die. You are the one that is probably really ugly, being a little bitch because he… Read more »

Nisa Nieysha

I don’t really understand .Don’t you have other job than this one? rapmon is truly natural okay. Although i admit almost… Read more »

Nabila Kamal

he looks same different for me

Irtya Shofi Anggia

Are you kidding me?? -_-

Sam Roxton


Haylee Cassiopeia

Damn it 🙁 I thought he was natural

Selena Enjoys Suckingblood

I should get a nose job

Anthony Ashcraft

I knew something was different from pre-debut pictures but I couldn’t put my finger on it. It’s amazing how much a… Read more »

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