Plastic Surgery Meter: Taemin, SHINee

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About Taemin

Taemin is a member South Korean singer, dancer, and actor. He is known for being a member of the K-pop group SHINee under SM Entertainment.

He is born as Lee Taemin on July 18, 1993, in Seoul, South Korea.

He stands 5’8” (177 cm) and weighs 53 kg (117 lbs).

In 2005, Taemin was scouted by SM Entertainment during his audition on SM Open Weekend Audition Casting when he was still 12 years old.

After years of training, Taemin was then chosen to become a member of SHINee. The group made their debut in May 2008 with the single “Replay.”

Aside from his promotions with SHINee, Taemin has also pursued a solo career. In 2012, he released his first solo OST “U” for the drama “To The Beautiful You” which stars his co-SHINee member Minho. A month after, Taemin participated in SM Entertainment’s dance subgroup Younique Unit for the Veloster theme song “Maxstep.”

In 2014, Taemin made his  solo debut with the mini-album “Ace” and its lead track “Danger.” Two years later, Taemin released his first album “Press It” with its lead track “Press Your Number” that was originally written by Bruno Mars. In June 2016, Taemin was revealed to be making his Japanese debut with the mini-album “Solitary Goodbye.”

He made his acting debut with the MBC drama “Tae Hee, Hye Kyo, Ji Hyun.” Taemin lent his voice for the Korean animated movie “The Outback,” where he played the main character, Johnny.

Taemin also participated in the MBC reality variety show “We Got Married” along with APink member Naeun.


Fun Facts about Taemin

  1. He is the youngest member of SHINee.
  2. Taemin’s childhood dream was to become a police officer or a pilot.
  3. He loves to watch horror movies.
  4. Taemin was not able to attend his high school graduate ceremony due to SHINee’s activities.
  5. He studied Chinese in Beijing.
  6. He is close friends with EXO’s Kai.
  7. Taemin has poor eyesight.
  8. His dogs are named Adam and Eve.
  9. He hates doing the laundry.
  10. Taemin loves J-Pop.


Taemin Plastic Surgery

SHINee’s Taemin is yet another KPOP idol to get the nose and eyes KPOP Combo. In his case, he appears to have had them done at different times (these two procedures are so common that they are often done together). His perfect double eyelids appear to be the result of double eyelid surgery. More recently, he changed his nose.

Taemin and Nose Job Rumors

One of the most popular plastic surgeries among celebrities is nose jobs. It appears that the disturbing stories about Michael Jackson’s botched nose jobs aren’t enough to deter people from pursuing the perfect nose shape.

Taemin’s before and after photos show a slight difference in the tip of his nose. Some claim that his nose tip is pointing upward in the new photos, while others claim that it is simply a result of the camera angle. Looking at the photos more closely, it appears that his nose shape hasn’t changed much. It’s possible that the differences are simply due to differences in lighting and camera positioning.

Overall, Taemin has accomplished a great deal in the entertainment industry at such a young age. Fans have been captivated by his performances as an actor, singer, and dancer.

His drive for professional excellence is admirable. Only he knows if this means he is more hungry for better looks. Whatever it is, we can be certain that he has some good acting and singing performances left in him. What are your thoughts on Taemin’s rumored plastic surgery?

Taemin and Eyelid Surgery Rumors

Let’s get right to it. Despite Taemin’s talent, nothing beats having the looks to go along with it. Some netizens believe Taemin used eyelid surgery to make his eyes appear larger and achieve his double eyelids.

When comparing before and after photos of Taemin, it is clear that his eyes have grown larger. Male celebrities have fewer options than female celebrities, who can use makeup to make their eyes appear larger. It appears that no amount of male-appropriate makeup could have produced the larger-eyes effect. And look at those double eyelids; that’s a strong case for eyelid surgery.

Some claim that he wears circle lenses to make his eyes appear larger. Some ardent fans will always defend Taemin’s good looks.

However, because Taemin has not admitted to having any plastic surgery, we can never be certain. One thing is certain: his eyes have transformed from slit-like to brighter and more expressive.

Before and after pics


Plastic Surgery Meter: Taemin, SHINee 1 Plastic Surgery Meter: Taemin, SHINee 2



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Erica Beck

None of SHINee has had plastic surgery, but nice try.

Vhea Roselle Viado Belarmino

yes… i will believe everything stated on this page because it’s from the internet… very plausible indeed

Prasanna Gurung

I thought… You were all natural Taemin. I will love u no matter what. I always took you as a role… Read more »

Manuella Fernanda Valenzuela Viteri

i’m pretty sure he uses fillers for his nose.

Elena Deans

I knew something had changed with his nose. His nose used to look bigger, now it’s smaller. I knew it, I… Read more »

Elina Algus

He actually hasn’t had a nose surgery. If you look at some recent pictures, he still has the same hook as… Read more »

Huilin Fang

His eyes look natural to me, but nose is too obvious

Mary Mathews

The angles and expressions are different!! Just look carefully in the before picture he has double eyelids. If you look at… Read more »

Natali Vargas

why do plastic surgery guys :'(

Anis Zuhaini

the before pic,he was smiling but the after is, if u want to really compare,take a smiling pic of him… Read more »

Mitzi Joy Udtuhan

I think his eyes didn’t undergo PS… but the nose..maybe? It looked a lil’ different. Kekeke

Samanta Almeida

That is what you call grow up o.O


If you look carefully.. Teamin use contact lens after a few years he debut .. that why you look teamin eye… Read more »

Maria Kim

I admit ’bout his nose,
but eyes, no :v

Stacey Sanchez

Taemin didn’t have double eye lid surgery. If you look at pictures of when he was younger, or the family picture… Read more »

Juliette Kelsey

Yeah, his double eyelids are definitely fake, and I noticed the nose job, too, but I really do think that Jonghyun… Read more »

Emily Ayala

I <3 u Taemin!

Danizkie Barrido

i <3 u taemin

Khate Gerona

i <3 it!

Liz Nayra Machaca

<3 taemin

Ishika Angel

better to natural for you ..

but, it dosn’t a matter

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