Plastic Surgery Meter: Himchan, B.A.P


Himchan of B.A.P looks a little bit like TOP, don’t you think? The major difference being that Himchan has the full KPOP Combo while TOP does not. Himchan used to have very narrow eyes, but if you look at recent pictures you can see he’s had something done to open them up, most likely double eyelid surgery. His nose has also changed: it’s thinner and now has a slightly upturned tip. Flick through the photos and you’ll find it hard to deny.

Before and after pics

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Edward Potter

the funny thing is that the third picture of “Before” was from B.A.P’s Killing Camp in No Mercy era, while the first picture of “After”… Read more »

Nydia Young

I’m not saying he hasn’t had plastic surgery ok, but I am saying that it could be makeup. If you’ve ever watched a contouring video… Read more »

Nadine Floren van Wees

i’m sorry to pop everyone’s bubble but Himchan might look like a doll later on, but you know why? Because of disrespectfull people like you… Read more »

Alisa Kinevsky

He looks adorable in the third before picture. Actually better then he has been looking recently…

Kimberlee Fraser

besides he looks NOTHING like T.O.P

Kimberlee Fraser

I agree with Mychel Magsino Marasigan, yes Himchan is my bias form B.A.P, but I will have too say that it isn’t true, all those… Read more »

Alysse Bebin

I personnally think he has an implant in his nose, because you can see the scar on his septum caused by this type of surgery!… Read more »

Mychel Magsino Marasigan

Does your eyes and nose look exactly the same on all your photos?? The above photos does not prove anything. Just that he’s chubbier way… Read more »

Jeannine Jacquel

His nose looks the same except there is more fat around it. Sometimes he doesn’t even have double eyelids. At least try to make it… Read more »

Mỹ Linh Starting from 12:27 mark; Himchan said he didn’t do double eyelid surgery, so he must’ve had double eyelid tape to create double eyelids. Although… Read more »


but sometimes himchan doesn’t have double eyelids (or his eyes are small) when he’s tired or without makeup, so I doubt there is any eye… Read more »

Jayden Lee

He was so cute 🙂 Probably the only difference is that he got his surgery earlier, hence the earlier ulzzang status in his school.

Lodi Sanchez

Can you do one for Yongguk, Jongup and Youngae so I can see em pre-debuts?

Agnes Ashman

Don’t mean to be abusive, but you, the author, are just truly silly. Remind me again, who exactly taught you how to tell a difference… Read more »

Sandy Xyooj

Yes, he is the visual of the group …. He gotta look good.

Rhea Reyes

because he is fat at his younger days thats why his nose look like bigger.. hahaha also he is ulzam thats why he looks younger… Read more »

Jeninia Geronimo

Oh shut up. -_-

Nikkie Osinada

His eyes were thinner because he was fat -3-

Ketevan Zeikidze

fat or skinny, this man was/is always cute

Tatia Erfani

shit he was just so much fatter i think!

Selena Villca Soto


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