Plastic Surgery Meter: Cho-A & Way, Crayon Pop


Cho-A and Way of Crayon Pop look even more alike than most Korean girls with plastic surgery, and that is because they are twins. I could only find one pre-debut picture of them, but it’s enough to prove that they’ve both had a lot of work done, starting with the KPOP Combo (nose and eyes) and some facial reshaping. I do hope they quit while they’re ahead because they’re starting to look a little bit freaky.

Before and after pics
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Chelsey Tatu

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It’s some plastic surgery and some makeup, to get that japanese feeling of them I guess; but yeah, they definently did some plastic surgery.


You guys are so delusional….

Zas Saz

This article is biased, it only based on ONE photo out of many young photos of them. Look at these other predebut pictures when they… Read more »

Zas Saz

The picture in this article might be during Choa & Ways were in different dietary. One of the twin might had eaten too much until… Read more »

Zas Saz

The v-shape faces could be seen clearly when they’ve done a heavy diet, since their other predebut photos show that they were already had v-shape… Read more »

Zas Saz

Choa & Way are NATURAL beauties (NO surgery), since they were born/childhood. These are Choa & Way’s other predebut photos: and

Samantha Lowe

They look beautiful

Shawn LeMasters

Choa was a model before she joined Chrome Entertainment in 2011.

Asahina Ginei De Costo

lol.this is just nonsense.. me too when i was younger i look very different but after turning 15 i notice i look much different and… Read more »

Shawn LeMasters

Choa, Way, Gummi, Where did they get the money to have plastic surgery before they were successful? They’re older, in better shape, and healthier than… Read more »

Kris Alexander Dwingelo

They both start looking kind of plastic to me, and sometimes they remind me of 2NE1’S Bom… hope they don’t get there

Peony Kim

Generally the older you get the longer your jaw becomes…not the reverse. These two look like half their original jaws are missing and now they… Read more »

Eleri Phillips

1 picture is not enough to go by you know…

Carita Feliz

way and choa use lens, maybe is the becouse of their super bigger eyes

Claire Mariel Lucio Castillo

you know what adolescence is?

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