Jackson Wang, GOT7 – Plastic Surgery Meter: Did the K-Pop Star Take It Too Far?

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Jackson is a beautiful guy (as pretty much all men of K-pop are), and luckily for us, he has quite a few pre-debut pictures floating around on the Internet. The first thing I noticed about his pre-debut pics was his relatively wide nose in comparison to other, newer pics I had open. Turns out that it was just because he was smiling in the pre-debut pics while giving more of a serious face in the others.

I don’t believe Jackson has had any plastic surgery. He does wear a lot of make up and I’m quite sure he does some neat contouring tricks on his nose, but when he busts out his wide grin he looks the same as he did in his school photos. His eyes also look the same. I guess he just wears a lot more make up now!

Before and after pics

Jackson GOT7
jackson GOT7
mark got7
jackson GOT7

Jackson GOT7


When celebrities with a lot of plastic surgery say that they haven’t had plastic surgery, it can be taken as a very subjective and shaky statement. However, when K-pop idols say that they haven’t had any, they don’t appear to be lying. The only thing that we know is that they’re each experiencing their own preferences and in the case of Jackson, some of his friends may have influenced his preferences, but even Jackson’s own personality and family would probably influence his choices, not someone like Kim Kardashian.

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