Plastic Surgery Meter: Suga, Bangtan Boys


We’re back to our request list today with Suga of BTS. Actually, digging through his pre-debut stuff has been loads of fun, Min Yoongi was a super cute kid! And judging by the pics we found, it doesn’t look like he’s had any plastic surgery at all.

At first, his nose raised a bit of suspicion, but this was mainly in promo pics and we all know that these cannot be trusted. Seriously, so much photoshopping goes on in the official pics it’s amazing that idols are recognizable at all. Having said that, a lot of the fansites photoshop their pictures as well. Everyone’s in on keeping up the facade of perfection, it’s ridiculous.

If you check out recent pics of Suga, you can see that there are no signs of eyelid surgery and his nose is still quite wide when he smiles, suggesting that he hasn’t had a nose job either. We also found this cute pre-debut video of Suga auditioning for Big Hit. He looks pretty natural to us! What do you think?

Before and after pics


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  5. Kim
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  7. Tabby Del Rosa
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  10. Cusses
  11. Anji
  12. seoltang
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  14. Min Shin Eun
  15. Carine
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