Plastic Surgery Meter: Ailee


Well, I had to see a lot more of Ailee than I wanted while I was browsing her pre-debut pics (those who know about her pic scandal will know what I am talking about).

The first thing you’ll notice when comparing Ailee’s pre-debut and recent photos is that she looks whiter. At least, that’s the first thing I noticed. Skin-whitening is nothing new in Korea and it doesn’t count as surgery, so we’ll move on. As far as facial features go, her nose and chin look different. She previously had a small nose with a flat tip and now she has a much more prominent tip. This kind of thing can be achieved with plastic surgery or with fillers. Her pointier chin indicates that she had a chin implant, or this could possibly be attributed to fillers as well. Whether fillers or surgery, she’s definitely undergone a few cosmetic procedures to enhance her looks.

She also seems to have a bad aegyo sal habit (filler or fat injection to create “cute” under-eye bags), as seen most prominently in pic 4.

Before and after pics

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Ailee didn’t do a plastic surgery. Ailee has confess that she don’t do a plastic surgery on Ailee and Amber One Fine Day. Even The… Read more »


The chin is obvious, but I’m super surprised because Ailee is a genius singer (like, among girl idols she is literally the number one in… Read more »


believe it or not, there is a thing called puberty where your face thins out and you get rid of baby fat…


Bruh she just lost a lot of weight…. She and Amber even confirmed that she never had plastic surgery. She let students from an all… Read more »


Your nose does not change from weight loss

Elena Smith

She was really pretty before! I always thought her chin seemed unnatural, it looks just wayyyyy too sharp.

Quang Hong

you guys realize that if you stay out of the sun your skin can become white again if you’re naturally white. This is from my… Read more »

Solène Blondel

I really don’t understand the eye bag surgery… And she was a natural beauty :/

Helenna Anggia

her natural look (before surgery) is better than plastic surgery.. I like her natural beauty..

Javy Lopez Rivera

I think she did something else with her nose, you can clearly see it in her “Don’t Touch Me” MV, the space between her mouth… Read more »

Prita Fitria Sari

When u have money….u can make some average girl looks so beautiful….nothing wrong with that….bt sometime its suck if u jugje people by its looks….anyways… Read more »

Raihan Jung

Sh*t, i love her pre-debut photos. With only whitening she looks perfect, but her nose and chin jobs ruin everything. -__-

Cazqui Mimeloncito

His face shappe looks so unnatural due to the chin, and the nose job is more than obvious!

Nasteho Diriye

She looks like a ballon on the after pictures because of her chin


When you compare her old videos to recent ones the difference in her chin and nose are really obvious

Deniz Angün

Is that Shin Bora on the 6th picture?

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