Plastic Surgery Meter: IU


IU is a naturally pretty girl, who helped herself along with a nose job and eye widening surgery. Although she already had a small nose, she elected to have rhinoplasty. Her current nose is slightly smaller, more upturned at the tip, and slopes in a way that almost never occurs in nature (aka the “ski jump”). When she smiles, you can sometimes see some creasing going on around the nostrils, which is a dead giveaway for a nose job.

As for her eyes, I think you’ll agree that in her JYP audition video, her eyes look smaller. I think she probably had her eye corners cut to widen her eyes.

There are other rumors flying around about possible jaw surgery. This might be true, but it’s very hard to know for certain. Nevertheless, IU is far from natural!

Before and after pics

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This appears to be fascinating. I’d which consist of inside guidance of take retain of updates as a outcome of e send be guaranteed towards.


Pretty enthusiastic this is at some point coming in direction of Philly! Bravo towards all the organizers!

song eun joo

Honestly, they’re probably jealous and want to believe that the stars went under the knife to make them feel better about their own ugly faces.


Clearly, she didn’t it’s all natural, she just wears makeup and lost weight, that’s the only thing. I’m not a really big fan, and I… Read more »


not all Korean people do PS.. if you’re no have wide eyes, now there’s something called make up. And if you are an Idol or… Read more »

Elena Deans

Why did she make her nose smaller, it looks too small for her D: her previous look was really nice though ;_;

Mikasa X Ackerman


Hugo Villar Carrillo

I may affirm that she had her eyelids and nose done, but her jaw is the same from before and actual pics, just she had… Read more »

Krystal Yang

Like all other k-pop idols, she lost weight Make-up just makes her eyes large and her nose is fine and I saw some of your… Read more »

Hui Shi

if she really wants to do ps she would choose her nose as privilege! but she needn’t it cause she has her own way of… Read more »

Elysia Sudworth

No I think that she is natural! But I am not sure!!


yes it is just a make up Chloe Tran is right!!!

Chloe Tran

No she hasn’t. There’s a thing called makeup. It makes eyes a lot larger


she don,t stupid

Mimi Kyng

Lol sorry but some ppl are so delusional! I like I but she isn’t all natural. I’ve seen her audition videos and there was even… Read more »

Gee Gee Rain

Iu is one (out of many) kpop/actresses that hasn’t got any surgery done. They post crappy pictures from 10 years ago with no makeup and… Read more »


Ikr same, how can they just say that after so long doesn’t make any sense -_-

Gee Gee Rain

Okay to start IU did not have plastic surgery. obliviously you haven’t seen all of her pre-debut photos and she even said she didn’t And… Read more »


I was also born and raised in SoCal, and to be honest, the thing more shocking than your delusional mindset is your grammar. Yes, there… Read more »

Folasadé Aderibigbe

As with her jaw I think she has just lost a lot of weight. Everything else I agree on.

Chai Moreo

It’s a pity because she was pretty before the surgery.

Aylinh Oeng

It’s hard to assume though, she only looks slightly different from before.

Camilito Javiero Ruizo Villarrealo

i’m pretty sure she has jaw surgery

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