Plastic Surgery Meter: Siwon, Super Junior

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I guess it’ll be another boring post today as we cover another natural beauty, Super Junior’s Siwon. There’s quite a bit of plastic surgery within Super Junior, so the fact that their visual has managed to escape it is quite a feat. Siwon is truly an exceptionally good-looking guy, and he has always, ALWAYS been this way. Like, I would resent the guy for his beauty if he wasn’t so… beautiful. Damn you, Choi Siwon!

Before and after pics

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I can convey to oneself took your season studies the subject, optimistic operate.


He does have a nose job,, it proves that you look through only pictures,, watch Explorers of the Human Body


he’s not only one of korea’s most handsome IDOLS, he’s indeed one of korea’s most handsome men ?


“There’s quite a bit of plastic surgery within Super Junior,”??? Really? you admit Sungmin, Eunhyuk and possibly Donghae are all natural.… Read more »


He looks different because of age :)) He is 30 years old now :)) He looks inocent before and now he… Read more »

Iris Delgado

The “mamacita” video he looked definitely different.

Angeline J. Tan

nose and face shape??

Marissa Burdick

I feel like I am the only person on the face of the planet who thinks Siwon has always looked really… Read more »

Elena Deans

i feel like he looks different these days, shame that idols can’t see their natural beauty and need to go under… Read more »

Asma Khaliq

his nose definitely looks different than before o.O

Frederico Alex Jules

I think it’s just his nasal bridge and maybe just maybe chin filler? But the nasal bridge yea I def. Believe

Mel Racine

picture 1 natural – picture 4 nose job

Miranda Fay Stevens

Looks like his nose has been fixed and thinned and maybe a chin implant but everything else looks natural to me

Kaylene Wong

he definitely did something though i couldnt pin point what it was. he had this underbite look last time but its… Read more »

Covi Covi

normally i would say yes, but look at the second after picture, his nose is totally different

Б. Чажука

He really looks like Suho of EXO

Sam Novales

He now looks really starnge, and it’s obvious he had a nose job, he doesn’t look that good these days

Hélène Bricout

He has an obvious nose job, you can see it even in these pics. It looks thinner and pointier nowadays than… Read more »

Anthony Ashcraft

You can’t be serious… He looks almost wax-like nowadays.

Ola Koper

has magically acquired double eyelids on ‘after’ photos (>_<")

Talitha Hapsari

Isnt he has a nose job?

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