Plastic Surgery Meter: Leo, VIXX


VIXX’s devilishly handsome and quiet Leo has had a boat-load of plastic surgery. There’s no way to deny it. First, he’s had the KPOP Combo (nose job and double eyelid surgery), and I also believe he has had his jaw shaved. Just check out the before and after pics below, and if you need more convincing, take a look at this pre-debut YouTube video of Leo singing.

Before and after pics

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he looks like he got too much botox or chin surgery cos he can’t move his face now.


LOL I love how everyone’s like ‘he just matured!’ and denying everything and then you’re just like …dude he got ps. Yeah I have to… Read more »

Muhammad Arif

O.o He looks exactly the same lol.. but idk about the double eyelid bcause i cant see his eyelid from the picture above .

Macy Bishop

Uh…/maybe/ the kpop combo, but jaw shaving? I am NOT seeing it. (Not trying to defend him or anything, I really don’t.) He just looks… Read more »

Joanna Hsieh

Maybe nose surgery, otherwise looks the same

Grace Korman

He looks the samr


guys it’s okay if your bias has had surgery you don’t have to defend him/her to the ends of the Earth. geez.


Well if they obviously think their bias haven’t done it then there is nothing wrong about defending their view, the uploader seems to believe all… Read more »

Nadine Floren van Wees

U actually think that LEO would get plastic surgery? He’s probably the last person that cares about looks o.O Some people forget what Make-up and… Read more »


no matter what..
saranghae LEO ^_^ <3

Kon Yüchii JP

It look exactly the same in his predebut pic and now.come on leave leo alone

Rebecca Perkins

Mmm, his eyelids look pretty sketchy, it’s true. Not sold on the jaw thing, but if he did, I wouldn’t be surprised.

JJ Cool

First of all, don’t be comming for my oppa. Second of all there is a tool to get you the double eye lid look. His… Read more »

Nadya Imanika

that just make up effect. nothing different between after and before

Ashmita Squires

Besides the double-eyelid, he looks the same. The dude has just matured from back then. I mean jeez quit jumping to such dumb hasty conclusions… Read more »

Maria Hanny

makeup effect maybe??

Payel Azad

His double eyelid surgery is obvious,but idk about jaw and nose?His nose looks same to me? Jaw…..hmm,i think you’re judging too quickly about his jaw.Idk… Read more »

Elisa Sierra Bowen

When were the ‘before’ pics taken because they look like high school and he’s 24? now… plus hair style does wonders on a face. Looking… Read more »

Alexia Owusu-Sakyi

.___. He looks exactly the same.

Cynthia Mosborg

I honestly dont believe that he had plastic surgery. It’s just the haircut.

Cynthia Mosborg

Wouldn’t there be scars? I honestly don’t believe that he had any plastic surgery whatsoever! It was just his hair.

Ronnie Jc

I really don’t think he made it. in pre debut his hair was awful we all know that xD but if you look well the… Read more »

Samantha Calder

🙂 I dont know bout double eyelid cause in some of his pics his bags make them look similar lol. Is it just me seeing… Read more »

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