Plastic Surgery Meter: Minah, Girl’s Day


Although Minah of Girl’s Day may have denied double eyelid surgery back in 2011, I’m quite sure she’s had something done. Her eyes look larger now than they have in the past. Rather than double eyelid surgery, perhaps she’s had other procedures to widen her eyes, such as corner cutting. She’s definitely had a nose job somewhere along the way too. There are plenty of pre-debut videos on YouTube that show the difference in her eyes.

Before and after pics

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Zaerul Aidel

Hah??? Minah do plastic sugary??? Haha.. did you see law of the jungle???? You can see minah face when she not make up

Cha Her

no idol are natural -.- everyone have done something to their face, people face reality

Gigi Wu

minah is natural

Gigi Wu

also she is beautiful

Mt Bang MinahTubo

hmmm 🙂

Leah McIntosh

Its called make up. Hyeri and Sojin may have had surgery but Minah defintely did not. Even now when you see Minah without makeup she… Read more »

Tyas Adhitria

She is looks same as her childhood when she tooks off her make make up.

Azlyn Purp Sakura

Make-up and dieting lol. you shouls see girl’s day one fine day. minah took off her makeup and she still looks the same as hher… Read more »

Azlyn Purp Sakura

i don’t understand why you only mentioned girl’s day. only sojin is obviously different. others still looks the same when they take off their makeup.… Read more »

Rae Jung

gotta love her predebut photo….. :-/

Chan Chin Han

Minah Is Natural, she just wear lot’s of Make Up!

Mysgirl Ko

there were many issues about her eyes so I’ll just let it off. To see is to believe

Evy Balqis

My eyelid is kinda like her.sometimes i had no eyelid.sometimes i had single or double one

Farhah Amirah Mohd Shaari

That’s her picture without make up. Dont simply accuse people doing plastic surgery just because they look different without makeup.

Helena Bonilla

You just choose the worst pictures of her hahahah that doesn’t means plastic surgery

Hugo Villar Carrillo

I can say that eyelid makeup made her eyes larger, you can see her bare face photos, her eyes look pretty normal. I’m glad that… Read more »

Veronika Vika

Make up can make your eyes look 2x larger

Yaowei Lu

Make-up and dieting. Minah looks extremely different without her make-up.

Chalkie-kun Nuk-eiklahc

Nope. Google “Girl’s Day Fanmeeting 130707”

Chai Moreo

She really does looks kinda different :/

Aylinh Oeng

Can you also do one about a K-pop’s group visual?
Naeun, Suzy or Seolhyun

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