Plastic Surgery Meter: J-Hope, Bangtan Boys


We’ve had loads of requests for BTS, especially J-Hope, so today we check out his suspicious face. I always suspected him of having some work done to his nose just because it was disproportionately small for his face, but it’s really hard to say if he had a proper nose job or whether he just gets fillers to change the shape of the tip. If you notice in some of his pre-debut pics, he seems to have a flat-tipped nose, while in other and newer pics he has a definite pointed tip. I think he probably went all the way and got a nose job, quite early by the looks of it.

I also think he may have had double eyelid surgery because of his incredibly deep eyelid creases, but it’s possible that these are natural. Without more pre-debut comparison pics it’s difficult to be sure. As for the nose work, I would bet on it!

Before and after pics

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Hedaya Othman

his eyes look pretty natural tho

Nuramirdiyana Syed Amir

Lol everytime when there’s difference btwn predebut and debut photos, you’ll assume its ps. :3

Arlen Yee

I think he’s also had jaw surgery to make his face shape like a V. I watched some pre debut videos and his face was… Read more »


I think it is because he lose weight and had braces. Braces can slightly make jaw thinner probably cos my friends had the same changes

Saskia Caca

plastic surgery or not, i’m still gonna love him anyways

Brittany Brewer-Banks

So late on this but it came to me when I was looking at pictures of him and his sister. They have the same nose.… Read more »

Caca Vamelya

there’s a phrase i heard and it’s sound like this, “camera could lie to us all.”

Jocelie Mariz Esmoso Macosta

I think its just a makeup.

Dubhe Partidaa

you should check his dad’s face in the video at 4:25 and see that j-hope looks a lot like his dad… i dont think… Read more »

Raven Blevins

Maybe its just me but i think he looks exactly the same.

Nilar Lun

I don’t see any different from his nose or face. What the hell did you find out from these pics?

Nisa Nieysha

I think you have to find another more of his predebut pics showing his old nose bcause i also doubt about his nose since he… Read more »


I think he got it by genetic. His sister and father got the same nose.


Agree, if you look at photos of his family, his father’s nose is super point and prominent for Asians and his mom too.


yes, he looks exactly like his sister lol, except he’s male. it’s possible. my facial structure is different than typical asian too, but that’s because… Read more »

Denisse Dig

I think his face is natural 🙂 don’t see so much changes.


Do you even know the word “PUBERTY” ?


Puberty doesn’t modify the shape of your nose.


It did to my nose. Puberty totally made my nose bridge higher.


It does. My nose is a lot more defined, the head became smaller and the bridge is higher. And I’m completely natural. People’s face do… Read more »


Yes it does. I have done research by looking up scientific articles aboyt? What puberty can do to a person’s bone structure (especially to boys)… Read more »

Timothy Jeon

one thing you forgot to look — ANGLES. Nose shapes look different in many angles especially if you’re just basing a selca.

Kat Miru

well an ARMY dont fckn care if they had a plastic surgery, nose jobs or whatever.. We love them for who they are and because… Read more »

Jocelene YG Hrahsel

curently lie >_< he's natural its your opinion but opinion dosen't means its th truth 😀

Angela Miguel

I don’t care~ i love J-hope

Hopie J-hope Cho

love you hoppie

Łucja Gottfried

I think this is obvious. Ok, many Korean people had a plastic surgery but not everybody. They looks better now because of photoshop and therir… Read more »


Yes I think that too. I think that he did not have a nose nor a double eye lid job. Because I tooked a look… Read more »

Angela Wijaya

I love 2nd before picture

Loli Pop

I think he got his nose fixed at some point, but he still pretty much looks the same. I don’t think he got much work… Read more »

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