Plastic Surgery Meter: J-Hope, Bangtan Boys


We’ve had loads of requests for BTS, especially J-Hope, so today we check out his suspicious face. I always suspected him of having some work done to his nose just because it was disproportionately small for his face, but it’s really hard to say if he had a proper nose job or whether he just gets fillers to change the shape of the tip. If you notice in some of his pre-debut pics, he seems to have a flat-tipped nose, while in other and newer pics he has a definite pointed tip. I think he probably went all the way and got a nose job, quite early by the looks of it.

I also think he may have had double eyelid surgery because of his incredibly deep eyelid creases, but it’s possible that these are natural. Without more pre-debut comparison pics it’s difficult to be sure. As for the nose work, I would bet on it!

Before and after pics


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