Plastic Surgery Meter: Zelo, B.A.P


Zelo. Well, what can I say. Zelo of B.A.P has had loads of plastic surgery done, starting with the obvious eye work. It’s hard to say if he’s had double eyelid surgery or not, but he has definitely had his eyes widened. Aside from that, he’s had a nose job and possibly his jaw shaved too. There’s really no denying that he looks completely different from his younger years!

Before and after pics

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Annika Joeng

lols if this is called plastic surgery then like all the people who look completely different b/c of weight loss or puberty got PS too.… Read more »

Ebony Creampie

Accept the fact that KPOPstars are prone to surgeries. Been to puberty myself and have lost nearly 30kilos, but still my facial features my eyes… Read more »

Léna Monmousseau

His nose ?! O_o umm… no way…

Agnes Ashman

To say that a child looks different to what he/she looks like now in comparison, is truly ridiculous. He clearly was a much younger kid… Read more »

Marta Reyes

how can you say he looks totally different? hahaha he looks exactly the same person but with some kg less. He really had a complex… Read more »

Andrea Bartlett

It’s called weight loss silly!

Admin moshiee lime

what din you say ? in that age he got surgery ?! NO HIS A HANDSOME BOY EVEN WITHOUT SURGERY !!!~ I LOVE MY WACKY… Read more »

Hailey Partin

Minors in Korea aren’t allowed to get more than double-eyelid surgery done. Zelo was around 14 when he debuted, and is STILL a minor today.… Read more »

Cath 'Alfie' Shaw

If you’re going to do a PS site, please do your research properly instead of basing opinions on very old predebut pics. As we all… Read more »

Monique Forster

I’m just going to state something that should be obvious, Zelo is a teenage boy! He’s a fucking child, not only is he too young… Read more »

Larisa Gonzalez

Hmm a lot of kpop stars get their eyes done for the big eye affected but I don’t think he got his jaw done

Morphine Blue Addie

People are so mean….leave zelo alone.

Maria Kim

hell no,,,,he’s just a baby 😮

Michelle Mauricio Dela Cruz

I think that he was just growing because if you look at shinee’s Taemin at 14 yrs old and you compare it to now there… Read more »

Nesreen Naeve Andal Sabiwang

HAHAHA 😀 it’s not true PSH -_- a person’s physical features changes when they grow up -_-

Nesreen Naeve Andal Sabiwang

HAHAHA 😀 it’s not true PSH -_- some of a person’s physical features changes when they grow up -_-

Abigail Nicole Nilles Paasa

Who care’s if Kpop stars under go plastic surgery? As long as they produce good and meaningful songs, then it’s very okay.

Diana Azevedo

zelo? surgery?!!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL his jaw? daf*ck, why would he use a mask if he had a surgery? he felt self conscious of that for the… Read more »

Rebecca Smith

I do think he’s had his eye widen but I doubt he’s had his jaw done. 1. Because he’s very self conscious of his jaw… Read more »

Samantha Calder

Omo lol

Megan Malenfant

I never really thought Zelo had surgery done because he was so young, so I never looked at his predebut photos.. What a shame. Its… Read more »

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