Plastic Surgery Meter: Hongbin, VIXX


Hongbin is the doe-eyed visual of VIXX, and though he’s always been exceptionally good looking, he seems to have taken it up a few notches since debuting. Hongbin’s nose has become straighter with a slightly smaller tip since he appeared in Mydol back in 2012. It’s not a huge change, but it has had the effect of making him look more doll-like.

I also think it’s highly likely he had double eyelid surgery somewhere along the line, and possibly some additional surgery to widen his eyes even more. His deep eyelid creases don’t look particularly natural.

Before and after pics

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Vixx is one of those groups who did not change anything like they look the same in 2012 and now only they growed up! And… Read more »

Trang Nguyen

He looks the same to me. This is bogus lol…I think the contour makeup made his nose look different from time to time.

Light Cole

Hongbin didnt change. He looks damn the same. What is wrong with you guys saying those things to VIXX members? VIXX is one of those… Read more »


are you trying to say Ken didn’t have a nose job to get rid of the bridge and thin as well as raise the tip.… Read more »


He looks absolutely the same….only makeup and highlights….otherwise…he’s the same cutie pie!


Wtf it looks the same

Sunai Vaiee

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Tan Zining

make up can do up the job of the nose thing u know

Johana Barrientos

This is impossible. Months ago, he left a newspaper article, which said Hongbin was the second boy idol, more beautiful without surgery

Mila Bqs

he looks the same haha
you need to check his photos without make up

Mojca Jančar

I don’t know what you’re trying to achieve but he is definitely the same as he was before … the only thing that is constantly… Read more »

Neeha Baral

Eh maybe he got double eyelids but the rest just seems makeup…I don’t really see the change in eye size or nose but makeup. He… Read more »

DieudlineSmittened Duverge
DieudlineSmittened Duverge

he may also have a forehead implant too,not too sure. C:UsersDieudlinePicturestumblr_nkthokfUt01re454io4_250.gif

Loreal Frias

It’s just hair and makeup!

Lissana Cat

Darling’s fine..he looks completely natural to me and nobody can change that…(Dare to say more?!!!)

Angel Haven

He looks the same from before. Makeup does alot you knoe?

Rista Adelia

He looks the same, I guess the eyes change because of the make up. He has pretty big eyelids though and VIXX use a lot… Read more »

Elysia Sudworth

He is 5 days younger than me and he is so manly but cute at the same time ^^ I love you HONGBIN! ^^ <3


now here I actually think it’s the hair. looks the same to me… but you would know better than me lol

Elysia Sudworth

He looks completely natural to me! the same as before natural beauty <3

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