Plastic Surgery Meter: Eunji, Apink


Eunji of Apink has had a few plastic surgery procedures. It’s the usual KPOP Combo: double eyelid surgery and a nose job. She always had a smallish nose, but these days it’s impressively pointy, tiny, and reminiscent of a ski jump. It’s quite something. She is exceptionally cute, which I guess is what she was going for. Looking at the rest of Apink, it seems that Eunji fits in very well…

Before and after pics

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I don’t think she had nose job because i found she has the same nose with her younger brother


she’s just lost some weight

Éhh Pûterî Nîck Îx

I think No..

Drexel Jade Lagroma Castillo


Park Shaymie

That’s true I checked it from my brother who is a plastic surgeon in the Philippines and he said someone’s facial ratio cannot change just… Read more »

Siti Nur Almaz

Eunji unnie was naturally beauty same goes like the other members

Yashe Negradas

ohh my gush..she is just a natural beauty

Phirum Samphor Channica

bec of eyes makeup. when she took it off her eyes are smaller

Swanique Hang

Nope, she just matured. Natural.

Helen Chan

Looking at the ‘After’ pictures, she doesn’t have double eyelids. It looks more of single eyelids to me. Her nose also looks the same too.… Read more »

Elysia Sudworth

She hasn’t had her nose done. Look at her little brother he has the exact same nose and he is too young for plastic surgery!

Firdaus Liau Jr.

its maturity

Frances Oh

She was cast to Cube Ent. two months before Apink debuted. How on earth can her face recover from surgery (which she didn’t take) after… Read more »

KH Chen

Her face maybe not the most beatiful in the group,but her singing is the best…

Nik Nayli

nose job i think not….

Zinnia Alam Nushin

she was more beautiful before surgery..

Hennie Hoekstra

I think she has just mono eyelids, but I think if she wants, she put those double eyelid sticker or glue on her eyes to… Read more »

Phuong Do

what the hell you think you’re you cant say whayever u want. just for fun you cant say kpop use plastic surgery becayse they handsome… Read more »

Aylinh Oeng

I think she probably had double eyelid.

Jayvee Rubico

it’s the same i don’t think she does.


just saw this post and I just researched this for a friend who is a big fan. i suggest you do some… Read more »

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