Plastic Surgery Meter: Goo Hara, KARA


Goo Hara has had plastic surgery and even been brave enough to admit it. She said that she had double eyelid surgery as well as some work done on her nose, and she’s had her teeth fixed too. It also looks like she’s had lip fillers.

Before and after pics
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Enjoyed reading through this, very good stuff, thankyou .


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There was no House in direction of inquire them (

Cottage cheese :3

should still mention the teeth though, even though she had something done on her nose I can’t see a difference. I saw that she had… Read more »


Orthodontic work doesn’t count as plastic surgery. Double eyelid surgery is no big deal in Korea. Nose fillers…minor. She looks about the same as middle… Read more »

Cottage cheese :3

Uh, double eyelid surgery is still PS and something big. Her teeth didn’t look too good, so they should mention it. Hara is one of… Read more »

Alexa Stoica

i don’t have anything against plastic surgery at least when it makes you more beautifull but there are cases where they became ugly when they… Read more »

Cottage cheese :3

nothing wrong against bitches changing their face/body because they’re disappointed? Dude, you look that way because of your mom’s and dad’s genes, your grandparents and… Read more »

Halimat Olunlade

I don’t beleive1!1!1! Lies you liying1!1!1! She not plastic surgry1!1!1! She has nature beauty1!1!1! Is makeups1!1!1 puberties change her many tiems toos1!1!1

Jairo Vargas

she had admitted to it she got eyes and nose filler 😀 and shes amezeballs for admiting it

Gita Permatasari

I hope youngji and gyuri added tooo

Sophia Burton After reading a lot of these posts i decided to write something about it myself! Go check it out and start/join the debate

Kris Alexander Dwingelo

Double eyelids in her it’s obvious, her nose kin of look the same to me and her lips, it may be some make-up effect, because… Read more »

Kevin Jang

You are ridiculous. Goo Hara had double eyelids in the first high school picture, but they were just hooded. She admitted that she went with… Read more »

Naya ByunLù Kim Hawthorne

at least she admitted it unlike most idols

Iarina Teodora Dafin


Annika Joeng

she looked beautiful without PS

La Shauna Campbell

this definitely needs an update. she is looking waay different these days

Dennys N. Pariona Chuchón

Waoo She was beautiful!

Deyana Kal

Don’t forget her jaw too…

Yuki Ogawa

still beautiful

Soumaya Hamdi

she is beautiful with or without plastic surgery

Elle Elle

She was and she IS beautiful

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