Plastic Surgery Meter: Joy, Red Velvet


Plastic Surgery Meter: Joy, Red Velvet

Today we cover  Red Velvet member, Joy! Before researching this post, I was in two minds about whether or not Joy may have had plastic surgery. On the one hand, she’s extremely young (1996 liner!), but she’s also part of SM, a company notorious for putting their idols under the knife.

Indeed it seems that Joy has had the obligatory KPOP Combo, which is double eyelid surgery and a nose job. I’m more convinced of the rhinoplasty than the eye work though, because you can see the evidence of the narrowed bridge and nose tip. Her eyes have also been opened up but it’s difficult to tell if this is the result of surgery or just good make up and perhaps eyelid tape? I must admit, the fact that she’s with SM makes me lean towards the former…

Before and after pics

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Astri AN

Shut up. I’m still love Joy because she has talent, not her face. Are you SM hater?

Alyssa Marie Alilain


Revi Amalia

I don’t know and I don’t want to search about that. I just love she because her talent. However I still love she *no bash*

Ching Yu Lam

honestly, i think she looks the same… i don’t think she had plastic surgery…

Constanza Morales Molina

Are you guys going to cover Irene too? Because I’m quite sure she has had a nose job and eye-lid surgery, also Wendy 🙁 dammit… Read more »

Acesha Byunny Kpoperzz

evan our face change , it doesnt mean we can change our eyes , our nose , our jawlines , our cheek

Nicholas Hoult

thats why every rookies have to trainee for a long time. And im sure its their natural beauty from being a trainee.

Chang Ye

first after pic too much make up… that’s gross imo

Pingping Sze

She grown prettier.. she just had weight lose became slimmer and toned….make up can be really amazing !!

Nur Lofty

I found that her eyes are not symmetric, her right eye look smaller than the left

Bella Torn

I don’t think she had done any surgery~ she is growing and her face will change with time..also she has more make up now that’s… Read more »

Minnie Min Kim

I have found those two pictures who can clearly prove that she didn’t had anything on her eyes. and

Sam Roxton

I can most definitely spot the nose job. Bug maybe not the eyes , as it’s pretty tricky to tell especially when idols use make… Read more »

Vitz Stiany

korea do surgery since 14 years old, i think she has done nose surgery only, it’s different!

Nabilah Ismail

im not tryin to defend her or wht.snce im not really her fan.but she clearly lose some her fce is just the same.mybe ure… Read more »

Elena Asi

Maybe nose,But not eyes…
Its because of her make up.
As i heard,she lost weight before debut.

Ellan Lou Evangelista

She’s so freaking young tho. Like they don’t have an age limit for plastic surgery?


I don’t know if they have a minimal age in korea.Have a case who a girl has done a eye surgery with 12 years old.

Natsu MH

i think she just lost weight

LuHan Biased

I can see the nose and part of the eye..? I’m not so sure, and it’s confusing to me. But I think it might be… Read more »

Joanna Hsieh

Looks like just the nose and she lost weight.

Aina Syafiqah

not pretty enough ;u;

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