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Plastic Surgery Meter: Joy, Red Velvet


Plastic Surgery Meter: Joy, Red Velvet
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Today we cover  Red Velvet member, Joy! Before researching this post, I was in two minds about whether or not Joy may have had plastic surgery. On the one hand, she’s extremely young (1996 liner!), but she’s also part of SM, a company notorious for putting their idols under the knife.

Indeed it seems that Joy has had the obligatory KPOP Combo, which is double eyelid surgery and a nose job. I’m more convinced of the rhinoplasty than the eye work though, because you can see the evidence of the narrowed bridge and nose tip. Her eyes have also been opened up but it’s difficult to tell if this is the result of surgery or just good make up and perhaps eyelid tape? I must admit, the fact that she’s with SM makes me lean towards the former…

Before and after pics

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