Plastic Surgery Meter: CL, 2NE1


CL has spoken about plastic surgery in the past, namely to say that YG Entertainment wanted her to get some before her debut and she refused. Now, this may be a true story (and if so, kudos to her), but it does look like somewhere along the way, CL has had a nose job. Fans say “it’s just the make up!”, but it’s not though, is it. It’s a nose job.

We’ll assume she hasn’t done anything to her eyes because it’s simply impossible to tell under all that make up.

Before and after pics
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Zhang Anita

There is something called makeup

Yazmin Sunny

I rhought we can’t refuse to not do plastic surgery if we want to be a kpop idol.. can somebody explain to me?

IDont Givea Fudge

i know this is old but its makeup you can see when she laughs her nose looks exactly like your “before” pictures they contour and… Read more »

Clara May

Mapapatay ko na yata yung gumagawa rito ! As in talaga gagawa nalang ng walang katotohanang kwento , most of us BlackJack knows about whos… Read more »

Rona Mae StaAna

She still has that bump in her nose but the base is definitely thinner than before… perhaps she did alar base reduction? idc though because… Read more »

Nat Ese Branco

It looks the same .-. Different angles, make up and light…

Andini Ayu Ningtias Pasau


Kon Yüchii JP

Cl get her done. Im not anti fan but I just say what I see

Rebecca Perkins

Hm, it could be makeup, but her nose looks smaller. And in the pic with GD, pretty sure it isn’t contouring.

Monyet Monyet

Its just her make up her face is still the same

Swanique Hang
Sheren Sungkono

=_= she just a little fella in left photo, then her grow up.. maybe the nose grow to point. Not a surgery..

Sophie Chu

it seems to me that she might have cut inner corners or something since there really looks like theres been a change to them

Jasmine Paresti

I’m speechless… i think i would call korea as mask country. They even now dont have natural beauty but surgery beauty. What kind beautifull of… Read more »

Alexandra H. Nofi

You need to look at photos of CL without makeup. You’d be surprised what makeup combined with growing up can do to shape a person’s… Read more »

Juanica Randy

if u wants to be a fame you should undergo surgery ,thats why they look pretty .

스 GZB 스

I think it’s just makeup, the two before without makeup, and the after picture just with makeup,
stop spreading fake topic -,-

Juanica Randy

if u wants to be a fame you should undergo surgery ,thats why they look pretty .

Farhida Gonzales Arumugam

her nose looked more sharper dung Baddest Female promotion, but the thing you lose that bump in you nose when you under go the surgery,while… Read more »

TC Özge Laçın Yılmaz

Her nose still has a bump, it’s just make up.

Kasey Brown

Well her nose does look different but you also have to think about contouring and highlighting. I also feel as if majority of these pictures… Read more »

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