Plastic Surgery Meter: Dara, 2NE1

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[Updated: March 3, 2014] This Dara post was one of the very first posts on the site. After many months of everybody disagreeing with my assessment about Dara’s plastic surgery, I thought it was time to revisit.

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I did a bit more research this time, but unfortunately for some of you, my conclusions are almost the same. I really do believe that Dara has had a nose job. Her nose still looks good and quite natural, but her nostrils  are smaller and a different shape than in her pre-debut photos. She may have had only a small nose job, perhaps alar base reduction, but this still counts as plastic surgery. Many of you will continue to disagree with me, and that’s fine.

Regarding the double-eyelid surgery I touched on in my previous post: I am really unsure. On the one hand, she’s always had double-eyelids as far as I can tell, but in some pictures (these gifs, for example) they look much more pronounced. This could be down to many factors though: make-up, double-eyelid tape, or surgery. I won’t throw her under the bus this time and we’ll assume she hasn’t had any surgery on her eyes.

I also don’t think she had v-line surgery. My earlier conclusion was based on “after” pictures from professional photoshoots, which are of course edited and an unfair comparison. She did also lose some weight from her face over the years, which really refined her features.

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[November 1, 2013] Dara is oft-praised for her “natural” beauty, and it’s true that she is very beautiful. She was beautiful before she had plastic surgery and she’s still beautiful now, just a little more tweaked! The most obvious thing she’s had done is her nose. It also looks like she may have had something done to her eyes, but it’s difficult to tell through all of that make up. Her eyes do look a little “off” though. If you check out her jawline in the before pics and compare them to the after pics, you’ll see that it’s more of a V shape these days, so she’s likely had v-line surgery.

Before and after pics


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stupid article! amppppffft! idk why i even bother reading this! tsk tsk tsk

Mykha Santos

Better close this SITE, its not helping, its disguisting.

Mykha Santos

Excuse me? She is natural and done NOTHING. Tsk. tsk. this article is >.< Better comfront them first before saying something.

Jazztine Jasha Gumacal

Shame on you guys 😛 We Filipinos know that she didn’t done ANYTHING on her face.. Like WTH?! She’s already beautiful,… Read more »

KPOP Surgery

Discussing a person’s plastic surgery is not “hating” on them. I’m a fan of almost everyone I post about, and support… Read more »

Dindy Aruni Dhifani

stupid ‘article’. not all of kpop idols do plastic surgery, you’ve prove nothing.

Eunice Danica Fe

Of course your nostrils will become bigger when you smile! Your face stretches. Look at the pictures that you compared. -.-

MedEa Dan

guys pls just ignored this troll article…

Angell Marqezz

hahahaha natatawa ako sa article… dara never change.. dara not plastic surgery

Jeremy Andam

In my pictures my nose is beautiful but in reality I have nose problem. . .does that mean I did ps… Read more »

Gladys N-Theloy

The writter just did this to gain attention or poppularity, maybe!? Dara is really popular that’ thw writter is only using… Read more »

Cathrine Christy Natalia Sianturi

LOL this is surely a joke dude. Did you see her on real when she is still on phillipines? No, hm?… Read more »

Bebx Rocha

lol whatta pathetic writer

Bebx Rocha

i have pics with dara 2005 and 2014 and u can see it. no difference at all. lol

Sweepberry Sebello

WTF!!!~ WORST APRIL FOOLS Article huh?? Dara never and ever did anything to herself (through a knife) go check some doctor… Read more »

Audi M

she different coz her makeup biatch

Jelly Anne Alquisola


Rochelle Marie Estaca

I’ve seen Dara BEFORE she debuted. She was always on the TV. AND in THAT PICTURE. I haven’t seen ANY difference… Read more »

Shairyl Pasana

Dara never change. when she was here in the Philippines until now. her beauty is natural 🙂

Allyssa Leonardo

you dont about contouring??? gahd

Ghairel Mohamad

when your a kpop star, when u look a little more beautiful than ur pre debut photos,that doesn’t mean you have… Read more »

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