Plastic Surgery Meter: Minzy, 2NE1


Ok, this one is pretty obvious, and Minzy has admitted it herself, but Minzy of 2NE1 has had a nose job. I actually think she may have had more than one, the most recent one being the biggest change. She said her nose job was for health reasons rather than aesthetic reasons, but everyone knows that they can fix your nose to be identical to the one you had before. Comparing the before and after pics, I also think she may have had some work done on her eyes to widen them, possibly double eyelid surgery. There are some rumors that she had her jaw shaved, but I find it too hard to tell for certain. It could be the new nose that’s throwing everything off!

Before and after pics

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London Ferguson

And about the eye lid and chin shaving surgery. I honestly don’t think so. Instagram is enough proof on the eye lids. And when we… Read more »

Saifuddin Kamaruddin

And you showed up pic of Minzy when she was teen..

Marivic Laigo

at least she admit.

Angelique Le-Leigh Garrett

I actuallt didnt even recognise her in a live performance of ‘Come Back Home’. Not happy she did this. She was pretty before. I don’t… Read more »

Maya De Moraes Bellia

She should remain how she was. She was very particular and pretty, I don’t know why she couldn’t accept her nose for not being “perfect”

Melody Loo

She has actually admitted to getting the nosejob for cosmetic reasons. I mean, she said that she was going to have surgery for health reasons,… Read more »

Minhyuk Bbomb Lee

She said while she was fixing it for health reasons she decided to do cosmetic surgery also. To straighten it. She didn’t say only for… Read more »

Kon Y├╝chii JP

I think minzy get her nose done. But I dont think she get double eye lid surgery. And I not sure about her jaw..ciz it… Read more »

Andini Ayu Ningtias Pasau

Minzy has changed little nose because breathing is interrupted while singing and that was a long time before her debut. he asked permission from her… Read more »

Mehrnoosh Serajzadeh

Its not nice pointing out people’s flaws and all~ you love them end of story whats with all these~ its no one’s business if they… Read more »

Minori Hoshina

She was fixing her nose for health reasons and she decided to change it up while she was at it. its like killing two birds… Read more »

Mirta Ana Schultz

Why do they lie? That’s what I don’t get. Just say, “Yep. I wanted to do my nose. I did it. I’m happy with it.”… Read more »

Nikka Villanueva

ugh. who did this anyway! it’s just when people grow old!!! duh!
Hahaha. love you CL,Dara,park Bom and Minzy!

Sam Novales

I think her nose was better before

Jasmine Paresti

I’m speechless… i think i would call korea as mask country. They even now dont have natural beauty but surgery beauty. What kind beautifull of… Read more »

Park Kim Yeon Park

love u minzy just be ur self OK. :-*

Sian Holmes

she totally had her jaw shaved. i didnt eve recogjise her in their recent clip. She looks so different. I dont know why she went… Read more »

Lee Kit Ying

i cant notice any jobs done to her jaw…

Farhida Gonzales Arumugam

double eyelid surgery made me laugh, check her instagram dude!

Karolina Niedziela

I think she only had her nose done. She’s only twenty. It’s natural that she has changed since debut.

Baraa Sliman

minzy didn’t hava a double eyelid surgery … she still has a mono-lids

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