SHINee Giveaway: Dazzling Girl

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– The giveaway is now closed and a winner was randomly selected –

We’ve been hinting about it on our Facebook page, so some of you already know about this giveaway and perhaps even the prize. Yes, we’re giving away a copy of SHINee‘s Japanese single, Dazzling Girl!

The prize includes the Dazzling Girl CD with 2 tracks (Dazzling Girl and Run With Me), a DVD with the Dazzling Girl music video and the Dazzling Girl jacket and music video shooting sketch, plus 10 double-sided member photo cards and a lyric card with a group photo on the other side. It’s not brand-spanking new, but everything is in excellent condition with no marks!

The giveaway is open worldwide, and all you have to do is… name your favorite member of SHINee in the below comments, and tell us what you think his best hairstyle has been. Really. That’s what you have to do. We love to talk about hair.

The giveaway ends on the 25th of June, 2014, and the winner will be chosen at random from all comments submitted before this date.

Have fun and good luck!


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Kimberley Voskuil

Key is my favorite member. I really liked his hair in Dream Girl <3

Kasia Hadała

My bias is Jonghyun <3 I just love his hair in Everybody ^^ i think that this blond color and how… Read more »

Eve Schenberg

Definitively JongHyun RingDingDong’s hair. That … strange color of blond is juste perfect … That is my favorite hair of SHINee.… Read more »

Shayma K Shawol

my bias is Onew (though i love them all so much) and my favorite hairstyle is from juliettte both ko an… Read more »

Shay Henry

My bias is Taemin! He’s a cutie ♡ I think his famous Lucifer weav- I mean hair looked the best on… Read more »

Noor Al-Habeeb

My favourite member is key

Noor Al-Habeeb

My favourite member is key and my favourite hairstyle for him is from hello era


OMG I love it I hope tp get this

Clare Burke

Taemin! His hair in the Japanese Lucifer MV was adorable!

Marsha van den Berghe

Taemin is my favourite member forever! and I loved his hair in the japanese version of Replay <3

Sien Lambrechts

My favourite has always been Minho, and I like him with many hairstyles, but I liked him the best in why… Read more »

Jamelle van Mourik

Taemin, Sherlock era long hair ♡

Sinem Bul

My favorite is Jonghyun ! *_* and his best Hairstyle was in LUCIFER MV omg ~ love this volume fresh black… Read more »

Sharon Quach

Hello! My favorite member is Taemin! Maknae on top yo! His past hairstyles were a ill bit too long. So his… Read more »

Sarina Ilyas

Taemin’s hair in Sherlock.

Megan Malenfant

My favorite member is Key, and my favorite hairstyle of his is their newest albums, ‘Everybody’. I think that natural look… Read more »

Jessica Elliott

Key is my favorite. Ive liked him since 막내 Rebellion. i like him best as a blonde. it was so cute… Read more »

Rachel Huang

Onew ~ love his hair during Sherlock era!

Chanmarina Min

My bias is Key!! I really loved his hair in their “hello” m/v, although key is know for his crazy and… Read more »

Lucy Lu

Taemin is my SHINee bias <3 and I definitely liked him with shortish hair like in Hello.

Heather Lynn Kent

Kim jong hyun , back before plastic surgery made him into a weird doll like figure.. SHINEE Hello <3

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