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Jonghyun double eyelids

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[Updated: January 26, 2014] Since a lot of people wrote to me complaining about Jonghyun’s double eyelid surgery, I thought I’d do a little more research on the topic to come up with some cold, hard evidence. However, I am now more confused than ever. First, I found a suspicious photo on SHINee’s official Facebook page (in the pic on the right, it’s the photo with the white shirt). This picture was posted in September 2013 and you can clearly see his double eyelids. His nose job is also super obvious in this pic, but we’ve already established that.

I was ready to post the double eyelid pic, but then I watched After School Club feat. SHINee and I noticed Jonghyun’s mono eyelids (dark green sweater pic). This episode was filmed at the end of October 2013. So… seriously, Jonghyun, WTF IS GOING ON WITH YOUR EYELIDS??? Does he wear eyelid tape sometimes? Is he a mutant? Concerned Shawols want to know.

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[October 30, 2013] In April 2013, Jonghyun was allegedly in a minor car accident. Luckily for him, nothing serious happened, but it was said that he broke his nose and needed surgery. The cynic in me believes that this accident was just a cover story for cosmetic surgery, but I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt in this case.

His car accident doesn’t explain his apparent double eyelid surgery though.

The last two “after” photos show Jonghyun after his accident, i.e. after his nose job. I’m not sure of the date of the first “after” photo, but you can clearly see his unnatural-looking double eyelids.

Before and after pics
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Sophia Burton After reading a lot of these posts i decided to write something about it myself! Go check it out and start/join the debate

Stefanie Jane Schoner

Jonghyun really was in a car accident- he had to miss filming an MV, which definitely would not have gone down with their manager if… Read more »

Franco Danilo Roca Landaveri

That nose… Looks ENORMOUS!

Sophie Puybaret

He was so f*uckin handsome before his nose job T_T

Camila Jiménez

As someone said before, the first after picture is from 2009, lol. And about his nose, i don’t think he had any job done? His… Read more »

Kathia Cabra

It looks like eyelid tape… In the second “after” picture you can see that the left eye (visible on the right) is double eyelidded, though… Read more »

Alison McCormack

The last after photo scares me

Juliette Kelsey

In the second before picture you can clearly see his double eyelids.

Juliette Kelsey

I’m usually pretty quick to say that a k-pop idol has done work done, but I really don’t think Jonghyun has. I sometimes think that… Read more »

Trie Hapsari Ningtyas

Ha ha ha.. I don’t care what do you talk about.. Maybe that’s just effect from make up? But, I see no different about that… Read more »

Sofia Fil

think about it. If the accident was just a “cover up” for his nose job as some claim, why would he do it when he… Read more »

Kyo Ri

i think the last picture is bcos he’s take photo to close to his face … hehe

Ji Hyung Kim

Actually, I have the same ‘eyelid problem’ as Jonghyun here. I have these “tapered eyelids” that Kate Pool described down there and sometimes, my eyes… Read more »

Ясен Неделчев

I have an asian friend that complains that sometimes when she wakes up her eye lids are mono and on the next day double, so… Read more »

Kayla Townsend

One word. Makeup. Makeup can do everything you know.

Kate Pool

Hi, just wanted to debunk the double-eyelids for Jonghyun. The type of eyes he has are called “tapered eyelids” he has a natural tiny crease… Read more »

Halleigh Clark

his nose looks kinda droopy on the last picture

Nung Nur Wahyuni

I get confused too :s

KPOP Surgery

The last 2 photos show him after his accident. The first “after” photo was earlier than that (2009, like you say) and clearly show his… Read more »

Christina Yumi Davillier

The first picture used in this article, he has double eye lids and that was ring ding dong era.

Lim Xin Ni

Just so you know, the first After photo was taken during Juliette, which was in 2009. His accident was this year, 2013. Please get your… Read more »

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