Plastic Surgery Meter: Tiffany, Girls’ Generation (SNSD)


We keep getting requests for more SNSD members, so today we look at Tiffany. What’s immediately clear from comparing recent photos to her pre-debut pics is the change in her skin tone. Clearly she uses some type of skin-whitening cream, but as this is a blog about plastic surgery and not cosmetics, we’ll continue…

Tiffany has definitely had the KPOP Combo – a nose job and double eyelid surgery. I think this is so standard in the industry (especially in SME) that it’ll be hard to find a member of Girls’ Generation without it. I guess we’ll eventually find out once we get through them all!

Before and after pics


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Marry Rose Ramirez

i agree what leila and jordan said… >>>SNSD 4EVER<<<

Louise Bonoan

i don’t think she’s had double eyelid surgery. the first year SNSD made their debut, they wore little to no makeup (opting for a more… Read more »

Joy Seomate

shes one of my bias…but…something have changed in her face…I like her face around 2010-2011….but right now, i dont know if her face is getting… Read more »

Caca Vamelya

it’s obvious that tiffany did a nose job and a double eyelid surgery. but hey isn’t PS alread be a part of south korea’s culture?… Read more »

Mikazuki Rei Harukawa

How about they just loose they’re weight? =__=

Angel Solivar Tarzo

Tiffany loves beaches when she was in LA. Maybe that’s the reason why she got tanned skin.

Kimberly Villacorta

I think the picture is edited

Reina Tanaka

She hasn’t had any surgery Her nose looks the same if you subtract the fact she contours her nose..her eyes are the same and she… Read more »

Jemimah Gosim

Skintone for sure. She’s so dark skinned before

Peony Kim

Her jaw suddenly has become super delicate and long now so I’m guessing she got the bones shaved and rearranged. Jaw surgery creeps me of… Read more »

Mitzi Joy Udtuhan

Well? I don’t know. Who out of the 9 members didn’t actually undergo PS? They all went under the knife, minor or not.

Leila Noori

You do know that she weighed alot at that time and people change when they loose weight of course!


you guys are straight up tripping. It’s called a TAN… you know, the kind you get from a beach or from hanging outside. LOL. Tans… Read more »

Aylinh Eng

I agree on the nose job part, but I don’t think she had gotten double eyelids though. Looking at her pre-debut photos, she always has… Read more »

Mimi Kyng

Her surgery isn’t as bad… seen worse.

Jordan Rutledge

doesn’t look like she got a nose job or eye surgery to me, how can you expect to compare pictures without make up to pictures… Read more »


The nose job couldn’t be more obvious.

Maroua Dounia

She had also her upper lip done :v

Ji Hyung Kim

Could you do BTS or GOT7? 🙂

Aylinh Oeng

Sooyoung and Seohyun seem like they didn’t get anything done.

Ryan Topaloglu

Can you please do after school nana!?!?!?

Chai Moreo

I’m sure that she got a nose job but she had already double eyelids before o.o

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