Plastic Surgery Meter: Sunggyu, INFINITE

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Arrghhh! NOSE JOB. That’s about all I have to say about Sunggyu of INFINITE. It actually doesn’t look like he’s had anything done other than the very obvious, and not so pretty nose job. Did I mention his nose job?

Check out his pre-debut pictures, he looks like he’s about 35 – Sunggyu looks younger now than he did when he was a teenager.

Before and after pics


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Pambu Shi

Well. sung kyu is my bias but in spite of that I can’t deny the increasing number of plastic surgery he… Read more »

Julie Lau

I don’t think he has job done… I think dongwoo uploaded a video where you can see sunggyu without makeup and… Read more »

Carmelene Agapito Clores

TBH I’m a Sunggyu fan too. I payed attention to INFINITE because L is so fine but then I feel in… Read more »

Lidya Lee

FYI woollim don’t have enough money for Infinite debut,, How can woollim spend money for surgery? They stylish noona so great… Read more »

Pinky Balona

I totally know them all. And nothing change even they are under go plastic surgery. But things to God they are… Read more »

Jenny Gurung

There’s no nose job, it’s contouring makeup. On same days his makeup stylist does a really good job and makes him… Read more »

Rara Indriani

i love sunggyu, he’s my bias in INFINITE. and I admit it, his nose on the first picture is REALLY DIFFERENT… Read more »

Carmz Clores

I’m sorry to burst your bubble but I think every fan is denial whenever their Oppars is involved in any PS-related… Read more »


shouldnt have gotten that botched nose job 🙁

Lowe Chin

This guys photo since pre debut till now. The nose the eyes are the same. He’s chubby check disappeared as he… Read more »

YeaJi Pak

Honestly, unless you are a plastic surgeon or a professional, you most likely may not be able to tell. Plastic surgery… Read more »

Alison McCormack

You don’t have to be so harsh about it. Geez!
P.S. He’s natural 😉

NurSyasya Zakaria

Can you do the last three’s? Sungjong’s, Dongwoo’s and Myungsoo’s?

Bebe Woohyun

This is my opinion.. INFINITE didn’t applied surgery,, i mean its pretty obvious,, cuz if Sunggyu applied, he would have that… Read more »

Folasadé Aderibigbe

i’ve always that his was the most obvious HOLY NOSE JOB!

Nuri Azuya Setiawan

you bitch are literally, obviously blind. before and after? HIS NOSE LOOKS JUST THE SAME YOU IDIOT. NONE OF INFINITE MEMBERS… Read more »

Mie Keriting Pake Telor

weak reason…his nose look same anytime =_= not too perfect but still good for him. Plis, be more rational to write… Read more »

Alison McCormack

Is Sunggyu wearing bright pink lipstick in the second after photo? *It’s off topic, but I’m curious*

Shjoon Alkhalifah

omg you really dont know what are you doing !!! you are saying that sungyuu did some plastic surgery !!!! you’re… Read more »

Majd Faranesh

have you ever heard about something that’s called MAKEUP ? yeah thats the thing that people use to look more beautiful… Read more »

Ceci Jjang

He got nose filler i think.

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