Plastic Surgery Meter: Suzy, miss A


Continuing with reader requests, today we have Suzy of miss A. Suzy is a naturally beautiful girl who has helped herself a little bit along the way with plastic surgery. Although she always had a pretty nose, she looks to have had rhinoplasty sometime between 2012 and now as her nose is now a bit smaller and more refined. I think she may also have had double eyelid surgery or something done to widen her eyes.

There are rumors flying around that she has a forehead implant, but I can’t find any concrete evidence for this. It’s a very invasive procedure and I would only feel comfortable confirming it if we had clear proof, like with SNSD’s Sunny. It’s true that Suzy used to have lots of baby hairs around her hairline and now no longer does, so the appearance of a slightly bigger forehead could just be to do with her removing those hairs, a la Kim Kardashian.

Before and after pics

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MyungJoon Lee

This site is ridiculous. This site is biased. She did not have plastic surgery, I researched forever in this matter, and she did NOT do… Read more »

Ellie Seo

This site is ridiculous. This site is biased. She did not have plastic surgery, I researched forever in this matter, and she did NOT do… Read more »


She was 18 in that picture. I guess she had single eyelids before.

Helenna Anggia

Miss A’s Suzy admitted plastic surgery? At a recent filming of KBS “Invincible Youth Season 2,” miss A’s Suzy made a comment that hinted at… Read more »


This info is fake. What Suzy said this day is that she laminated her teeth, that’s all. And it’s not surgery.

Adiya Sapargaliyeva

Actually, I don’t really think that she did plastic surgery. Lol. ~~ You said that she did her eyelid surgery but in her predebut photos… Read more »

Farizah Roslan

some are still in denial tho there are solid evidences.


There is no solid evidence, though.

Sarah Jamil

It’s funny how some people can’t accept the fact that she has had plastic surgery

Camelia Lanipa

miss_A suzy is most beautiful female in seoul korea ,,because any female group their insecure of her,,,GO BAE SU-JI ,FIGHTING ,,SARANGHEYO

Judy Ann Abucay Busa

EXO pls…Can i see their before and after…

Flordelis Humangop

no way!!..are you sure..I cant believe that suzy bae undergo of plastic surgery ’cause I believe that suzy have a natural beauty.So go suzy my… Read more »

Lee Lizza

just make up not surgery

Angelique Padilla Borja

you only think she had a double eyelid surgery? how reliable your information are..

Eunice Alexandria Canada

Suzy is a Natural Beauty. She didn’t under go any plastic surgery. She confirmed that She had 2 laminated teeth but not any surgery. -_-

Roy Anderson Steven

This is called MATURED, she a natural beauty

Ayazhan Zhanibekova

SUZY NEVER DIDN’T PLASTIC SURGERY! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She confirmed she had rhinoplasty done.


I follow Suzy since her debut aka 2010 and she never said that. I don’t know where you got this info but it’s probably from… Read more »

Faustino Jarah


Allure Ng

If she had something done to her eyes, why are both of them still evidently mismatched? (Everyone’s eyes is mismatched and plastic surgery does a… Read more »

Gee Gee Rain

Omg lmao are you serious? Suzy? You’re joking!!!! lmao according to you, everybody got surgery. doesn’t matter how much they look exactly the same prior… Read more »


Suzy actually admitted herself, to getting rhinoplasty done. So, unfortunately, your claim she’s never had any surgeries at all, is void. However, all the other… Read more »

Gilang Ardhi

can you do more Apink please?

Aylinh Oeng

Thank for taking my request, I have always wonder if she really looks little different nowadays, now that you said it, she kind of does.

Alison McCormack

Could you do more Block B please?

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