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Lee Hi Plastic Surgery Meter: The TRUTH Behind Her Transformation

The next idol that we are going to cover is none other than YG Entertainment’s female solo artist Lee Hi!

lee hi 3
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Today, we are going to determine whether Lee Hi has done some cosmetic surgery or not by comparing her before and after photos.

Ever since Lee Hi’s comeback, a lot of people are surprised about her upgraded visuals. It seems that her change in appearance may have something to do with plastic surgery.

Judging from her pre-debut and recent photos, you could clearly see that Lee Hi’s nose has changed a lot! Her nose totally looked different from before and it may a result of a nose job.

Check out Lee Hi’s before and after photos below and don’t forget to tell us your thoughts!  .

Comparison of the before and after photos


lee hi 1
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lee Hi 2
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lee-hi plastic surgery
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Reasons for Lee Hi’s transformation

Ever since Lee Hi became a celebrity, there were so many speculations about her reason for getting surgery done. Some say that she got surgery because of weight gain, while others say that she might have been in love with a plastic surgeon and maybe that’s why she wants to change her looks.

Ever since that Lee Hi’s recent song became a hit, it has been speculated that she might be using plastic surgery to increase her beauty and also for her performance in live concerts.


Although we believe that Lee Hi is getting the botox work done, the biggest point is to try and understand whether she did so intentionally or not.

Here are the reasons why people think that Lee Hi might have gone under the knife.

One of the most convincing points is that her nostrils look tiny and tiny! She has lost the pink color around her eyes. Not to mention the laser eye surgery, which no one can deny!

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