Plastic Surgery Meter: Luhan, EXO

Plastic Surgery Meter: Luhan, EXO 3
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[Updated: February 10, 2015] Although Luhan isn’t part of EXO anymore, people still come to this post to tell us how wrong we are about his plastic surgery. We found a great recent pic of him that shows his profile and can be easily compared to a pre-debut pic.

Luhan pre-debut (left) and now (right)
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Luhan pre-debut (left) and now (right)

We flipped the pre-debut pic to make the comparison photo, which is why his ear looks a little different, but this picture clearly shows a change in the shape of his nose as well as his chin and jaw. We also have further comparison pics available on our Facebook page. So please just accept that Luhan, Prince of China (or whatever he’s called these days), has had plastic surgery. This does not make him a better or worse human being than if he were all natural, so let’s not throw any insults, please!

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[December 16, 2013] Luhan from EXO-M is known as the cutie of the bunch, but he’s far from a natural stunner. He has definitely had a nose job and some reshaping done on his jawline. He may have a chin implant, as his chin has become much pointier. All of the older photos of him show him with double eyelids, so it’s difficult to say whether or not any eye work was done.
Before and after pics

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Exo Sumin

Lol….luhan will not. I swear:-)

Red Mark

False!!! Cant be true!!

Paulette Lopez Diaz

In men, it is actually a probability to change facially due effects of the testosterone, that is certainly truth, so puberty… Read more »

Quỳnh Anh Nguyễn

You got a point, But everyone look different after growing up,so I’m not sure. But even if I look very closely… Read more »

Mae Martinez

I see no difference on his chin look at picture 3 compared to his new pics and seriously nose??? Are u… Read more »

Venisa Mega

I think Luhan is naturally handsome. When he was in High School, he had many fangirl. He has a little face… Read more »

Lucy Lu

Also, he’s more Cpop btw

Lucy Lu

Aw, I’m so depressed now! Luhan is my ultimate bias of EXO…
But, 鹿晗,我还爱你!

Faithe Espiritu

I’m not in denial and I think I would know if someone went under the knife. But with Luhan, his nose… Read more »

Vedran Tetaric

Lol! I love EXO, but people need to stop using puberty and “growing into your looks” as an excuse. The shape… Read more »

ملاك وجسمي هلاك

Omg I love love love Luhan :*

Vanessa akpotegwa

Me too

Kiong Mary Jo

Before an now 🙂

Kiong Mary Jo

His have a Cute look ..
That’s my Rey ..

Aracelly Espinoza Brito

as i said in Lay’s supposed changes, they just grew up, they are men now, not kids. it’s obvious their anatomy… Read more »

Aina Syafiqah

if he did, so what ? he still looks amazing ! 🙂

Vanessa akpotegwa
Reply to  Aina Syafiqah

You go girl ????

Elsie Lawin

i noticed only one thing rily big has changed on him that is his!!as a true fan,i only believe the… Read more »

Silvia Navarro Martínez

umm yo creo que sí tuvo un muy ligero arreglo en la parte de la mandíbula y en la nariz, pero… Read more »

Mae Martinez

He didn’t have plastic surgery he’s face simply just grew and he got thinner I swear he didn’t get plastic surgery… Read more »

Reply to  Mae Martinez

He definitely DID get plastic surgery… I mean come on it’s obvious. I still love him though.

Rachel Tan

He does look btr but honestly I will like still like him if he hadn’t done any surgical procedures I mean… Read more »

Nur Farahanisah

Omooo….But Luhan still Cute if he did not do the surgery…

Wenslette Rosique

what a fake



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