Plastic Surgery Meter: Hyoyeon, Girls’ Generation (SNSD)


At this point, I don’t believe any of SNSD managed to escape the plastic surgeon’s knife. Everyone we’ve covered so far has had something done. Most of the time it’s just the usual nose job / eyelid combo, but other times it’s been more invasive stuff such as forehead implants.

This brings us to Hyoyeon, who appears to have had work done on her nose and eyes, aka the KPOP Combo. Her nose bridge appeared out of nowhere and so did her double eyelids. I’m pretty sure that’s the extent of her plastic surgery though. As usual, we will update if anything further comes to light!

Before and after pics


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Jacob C Lacsamana

hyohyeon is so ugly tiffany it so beautiful in snsd and taeyeon <3 <3

Kiryu Flamberry

lol, even fans can’t possible deny this one.


Kim hyoyeon is my idol forever!!

Jasmine Blair

In a interview, she’s said she change her makeup in the “THE BOYS” era. That’s true, the makeup can change visually a face, but Hyoyeon… Read more »

Rameisor Kwang Haru

You don’t care if she undergo a plastic surgery, like hell to those bashers! Please stop acting like a hypocrite. I know deep inside your… Read more »

Ricci Cristal

she is not tall 1.58m and she has a really big nose !!

Salida Breganaku

If you were going to become an idol too you would try to become more beautiful but with your force not with PS and PS… Read more »

Cindy Yu

but her eyebrows……………

Sophia Burton After reading a lot of these posts i decided to write something about it myself! Go check it out and start/join the debate

Willie Howard

Why would put picture when she a young child in before doesn’t make any sense youre saying this how she look when shes older really

Sophie Puybaret

I actually think Hyoyeon is REALLY the most obvious one, like even more obvious than Jessica and Sunny, she’s doesn’t even look the same…

Zaina Price

You forgot about the jawline and lip injections, lol…

Peony Kim

Hyoyeon’s had so much surgery done that she’s starting to resemble a 40 year old footballer’s wife

Leomie Discipulo

she’s just pretty with make up on,, but without it she’s nothing,..

Leila Noori

Its still the same just those times picture qualities werent so good and also dont forget makeup and weight loss

Mimi Kyng

It’s obvious she got surgery done but I don’t care about her face. I like her personality and especially her dancing skills!!!


What about her eyebrows? They’re no longer arched like she’s angry, they’re straighter now and I don’t think that’s just from make-up. I’d say she… Read more »

Laura Chen

Is there one of the Girls Generation member that got the least amount of plastic surgery?


I think Yuri, is the most natural all she had was double eyelid surgery.

Bobby Schick

it seems that she did something to her lip and jaw if you look at a whole bunch of before photos

Aylinh Oeng

I don’t know if you’re taking any more requests, but can you please do one of Sistar or Secret members?

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