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About Jimin:

Jimin – the lead vocalist and main dancer of boy group BTS (Bangtan Boys) under Big Hit Entertainment.

He is born Park Jimin on October 13, 1995, in Busan, South Korea. His nicknames are Park Jiminnie and Dooly. He is also called ‘Ddochi’ in middle school since his classmates thought that he looks like a puppy.

There are no known facts about his family except that he has a dad, mom, and younger brother. His dad has a café in Busan called Alice’s Table. They are very proud of Jimin and are a bit worried about his eating habit and for rarely seeing him each year. However, Jimin said that the reason he is losing weight is that although he is eating as much as other members of BTS, he exercises a lot.

He stands 5′ 7″ (175 cm) and weighs 60 kgs (132 lbs).

Since he was still in 8th grade, Jimin has started to dance popping. After watching Rain’s performances, he became interested in becoming a performer. He told his parents about it, and they approved it happily.

He studied in Busan High School of Arts in the modern dance department as one of the top seat students. He transferred to Korea Arts High School with V and completed his studies there in 2013. His teacher has suggested him to audition for an entertainment company. He auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment with the song, “I Have a Lover” during Big Hit Entertainment’s “Hit It” auditions in Busan in 2011. It was his first ever audition, and he got accepted. He moved to Seoul after becoming a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment, and he also attended at Global Cyber University.

In 2013, Jimin made his debut as one of the members of BTS.


Fun Facts about Jimin:

  1. He is a big fan of BIGBANG’s Taeyang and wants to become like him.
  2. His favorite color is light blue and black.
  3. Jimin’s blood type is A.
  4. His favorite number is 3.
  5. He is known as one of the most talkative and energetic members of BTS.
  6. Jimin is insecure about his ‘chubby cheeks.’
  7. He practices a lot, to the point that he only sleeps 3 three hours a day.
  8. He trained for a year before debuting with BTS.
  9. In BTS’ dorm, he is in charge of cleaning the kitchen.
  10. Jimin knows a lot when it comes to skin care. It usually takes him a long time cleansing. His secret is to immediately put on moisturizer after cleansing his face; around 3 seconds after drying his face with a towel. His makeup tips usually include a natural look.
  11. He has the most beautiful and ripped body among BTS members.
  12. His official fan club is called A.R.M.Y.
  13. His religion is Christianity
  14. Not a smooth talker
  15. He was very nervous during his audition to Big Hit Entertainment. His hands and voice shook a lot during the audition, but he was very confident in his dancing skills and was able to perform flawlessly.
  16. Jimin always feels apologetic every time he remembers how hard he kicked the other members of BTS during the “No More Dream” music video.
  17. All members of BTS testify that Jimin is the nicest in the group.
  18. His favorite food includes lots of meat (chicken, beef, pork, and duck), stew kimchi jjigae, and fruits.
  19. His ideal girl should be smaller than him, cute, charming, and sweet.
  20. He has a habit of dancing to the music no matter where he is.
  21. Most BTS members voted Jimin as the most changed in appearance since he debuted in 2013.
  22. His favorite “Avengers” is the Hulk because everybody else prefers Iron Man.
  23. He can’t live without his eyeliner although he can’t put it on himself. He feels that he has a very soft expression that is not fitted for hip hop dancing so he gets shy and can’t perform entirely without eyeliner.
  24. He’s very self-conscious about his cheeks and would sometimes think that he is fat.
  25. V and Jimin were High School classmates.
  26. He was chosen to represent BTS at Idol Mini Championship 2014 for putting the ball in. He got first place with a record of 1.3 seconds.
  27. Jimin is very comfortable dressing as a girl. He thinks that he is kind of cute as a girl.
  28. He lost once in an arm-wrestling match to Jungkook.
  29. He thinks that his most charming asset is his eyes.
  30. His ideal date is drinking together, sitting on a bench in a countryside, and holding hands.
  31. He had considered several name options like Kid and Baby J before he realized that he preferred using his real name.
  32. His motto is to become handsome or cool not only on the outside but also on the inside.
  33. His favorite saying is “Let’s keep trying ‘til we can’t do it anymore.”
  34. His habit is being close to Jeonggukkie.
  35. Three things he likes include receiving attention, performing, and Jeonggukkie.
  36. Three things he dislikes include Suga, Jin, and V.
  37. His recent interests include exercise, movies, and clothes.
  38. The song he will most probably recommend to you would be “Paper Hearts” by Tori Kelly.
  39. His goal is to become a cool guy.
  40. He is not only popular among his ARMY fans and k-pop followers but is also popular with other Kpop stars. He was voted as the idol that female pop stars prefer to win first place in the 2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships.
  41. True happiness for Jimin is when he achieved the goals he previously set one by one.
  42. He is the last to join BTS.


Jimin on Love and Dating

Lucky Ladies who have been linked to Jimin

Seulgi of Red Velvet

Although he mentioned that he has never been in love before, there has been news that is currently circulating recently, that has been dating Suelgi, a Korean singer and part of a Korean girl group called Red Velvet.

This said rumor started when an edited video of the two of them together started appearing on most social networks. However, it was proven to be untrue later on. Though this piece of gossip was false, it is true that he is a big fan of Red Velvet. He mentioned that he was interested in getting their contact number when asked which contact number he wants to get the most. He also said in a variety show before that he liked to be close to Red Velvet but did not mention any particular member.

Han Seung Yeon of KARA

Han Seung Yeon is one of the members of the Korean girl band KARA. She was linked to Jimin when she showed a friendly attitude to the BTS member on the MBS’s Weekly Idol. The members of KARA hesitated when they were asked if they have any interest in any junior idols except Han Seung Yeon. She admitted that she is has been interested in Jimin of BTS when they had the same promotion schedule after they made a comeback for Mamma Mia.

His Ideal Woman

There are so little known details on Jimin’s ideal type of woman. All that he mentioned about the subject is that he prefers a charming and nice girl, must be shorter than he is, with the single-edged eyelid, and has a long hair.

To the surprise of most his fans, all the things that he is looking for in a girl can be seen with Seulgi, who has been rumored to be his girlfriend. However, this piece of information is most likely just a happy coincidence as there is no hard evidence supporting this story.

What Jimin thinks about Dating and Marriage

Jimin revealed his views on dating and relationship in an interview held for their new Japanese single, “Danger.”

He disclosed that he should put all his efforts in his relationship, so his girlfriend will only look at him. He believes that people in a relationship should put in equal amount of effort for the relationship to work. He is looking forward to a love story in which he will only love one woman for all eternity.

His ideal date setting is a simple one like having a drink together, sitting on a bench in a countryside, and walking while holding hands.

How his fans reacts on him getting a Girlfriend

A lot of his fans are excited to know anything about his love life that they are always ready to jump at any rumors that circulate in the social media at the blink of an eye. However, there are also some fans who get tired of all the hook-up rumors forced by the media as most of them are not true anyway.

Bio and Discography

Jimin debuted last 2013 in BTS as one of the group’s lead vocals and dancer. Aside from his BTS career, he also became active in songwriting and singing.  He is currently single although there are a lot of ladies out there who are rumored to be linked with Jimin.




Wake Up (2014)
Dark & Wild (2014)


Young Forever (2016)

TV Shows:

2015 Running Man

Plays he Participated in:

The Most Beautiful Moment of life Part1 (2015)
The Most Beautiful Moment of life Part2 (2015)
Skool Luv Affair (2014)

Awards and Nomination:

MelOn Music Award: New Artist of the year(2013)
Golden Disk Award: Newcomer Award(2014)
MelOn Music Award: Best Male Dance Award(2015)
Golden Disk Award: Disk Bongsang (2016)

Net Worth

His projected net worth is around $8.3 million for his career in BTS as of 2016.

Jimin Plastic Surgery Controversy

Jimin’s face doesn’t seem too suspicious at first glance, but comparing his recent pics to pre-debut Jimin indicates that he may have had a nose job. The difference is not too glaring (unlike another member of BTS), but his nose does seem more petite.

I also suspect he may have had some work done on his eyes. He’s skipped double eyelid surgery, but his very wide-eyed look hints at possible corner cutting surgery, especially on the inner corners of his eyes.

Jimin is a really young guy so I hope he quits while he’s ahead, if you can even call it “ahead”. What do you guys think of the work he’s had done?

Before and after pics

jimin 1 jimin 2

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Izzah Mohd Nor

seriouslyyy i don’t think he make any plastic surgeryy!! if you think he make a eyelid surgery..you can zoom it.. and nose.. i can’t find any difference to.. serious talkkk

Gaming Stuff

Hunny “his eyes look wider” it’s called eyeliner or eyeshadow

Alondra Enid Margary

Have you seen his baby pictures? He looks exactly the same. His nose still has a bump on the bridge (i thought people usually get rid of that when they get nose jobs), and his eyes are still uneven :/ so in my opinion he looks exactly the same as… Read more »

Chimchim Wong

I disagree, in an interview. An interviewer were asking jimin about why does his eyes looks uneven. he (jimin) replied that when he was little, he slipped in the toilet and hit his eyes because of that he got some stiches and those stiches became a mark over his eyes.

Emily Whitfield

I don’t think any of Bangtan have had surgery^-^

Savia Salsabila

I rather Jimin is not having plastic surgery.. He’s still handsome and cute before surgery (。-_-。)

Monica Mamburam Del Norte

Hi! Can you check if BTS Jin had plastic surgery? Please?

Malory Ledu

Are you even using your fucking brain????? Jimin DIDN’T DO ANY SURGERY! Just look at his nose please! Don’t you think he would have done something about this little bump if he had a nose surgery? http://cfile7.uf.tistory.com/original/262F374E55914B142B456A Omg why am i even talking to some stupid human like you i… Read more »

Park Hye Sun

Just like MinAh from Girls’ Day.. You can see a really huge different between her makeup and no-makeup face. So, the point is make-up artists in Korea are so marvelous, they could change idol’s face greatly, although the idol didn’t even had any plastic surgery.

Park Hye Sun

The thing is.. Please compare predebut-after debuted fairly, i mean.. No-makeup face with no-makeup again. You’ll see a big different if you compare no makeup-predebut with makeup-debuted pics. And the difference between predebut and after debut photo is just.. They’re look tired from hard working and they didn’t really take… Read more »

Ghofrane Jimin Hamed

ahhhh omg so cute i love jimin so much

Mary Joy Libardo

Jimin had an accident when he q
was young. He hit his right eye on the toilet bowl and got 8 stitches so why didn’t he fixed it before debut huh? Lol u

Alice Alice Alice

I disagree..

JiMonnie SuSeok VKook

I think no one of BTS members made any surgery.


I don’t think any of bangtan member had a plastic surgery . Don’t you ever think that they lost many of weight ? look at their cheography .. it’s hard and tough , right ? Their cheography can make people lose many weight … plus ,, they skip their meals… Read more »

Asma Khaliq

i literally do not see a difference and he is not even my bias -_-

Merrell Joy Artuz

Are you sure that homing have nose surgery.I think…I Disagree.

Arlen Yee

Jimin has had surgery, there’s no denying it, he got rid of a tiny, barely noticeable bump on his nose bridge, quite recently.

Princess Nayomie Publiico

i think jimin didnt go under surgery.. its obvious that theyre look thesame as theyre pre-debut photos..his eyes…are still the same and his nose. (im not sure about that i mean the nose) cause it got smaller but when i compare his pre debut pics to (this time) some of… Read more »

Nikki Washimoto

he is natural beautiful i see no difference between he before n after pics i would call them more childhood an adult pics BTS ARE NATURAL BEAUTYS just make up and good skin care

Saskia Caca

firstly sorry for my bad english, i am their fan, I also curious about things like this and always pay attention to their face in every single fantaken pics, but i dont think Jimin had done something to his face, his nose looks exactly the same, and about his eyes,… Read more »

Sittiecalimah Ali

I disagree couse if he had a surgery for nose why its not long ? For him eyes its just a normal ! Such a insecure people !

Rosette Luo

His right eye is wider than left eyes, I don’t think he hand any surgery, besides you can always achieve wide eye effect by applying makeup.

Pukadabear Kalel

His eyes to me look a little different they look more widen out so I agree with that not with the nose though

Lorenz Oco

Please do Jungkook TT^TT

Caca Vamelya

i agree most of the kpop idols did a nosejob. but for jimin, i disagree with you with your opinion that stated jimin had something done with his eyes.

Alyssa Pagtulingan

I think he just lost weight. hahahaha

Cheonsa V Inspirit

I`m disagree too he have just makeup he have big nose right now too plz edit ur writing uri Jiminie is natural . . .

Khairunn Adilah

From what I read from his interview jimin had undergo surgery on his right eye due to a little accident so I would disagree about his eyes.

Kristine Dong Jun Deguia

i strongly disagree!!!
Jimin is one of my bias in BTS.
i really donT think that he haS done that said surgery.
whenever i watch/saw his picture.its really look the same.

Mj Mikyla Salvador

sometimes his eyes just…. disappear

Rebecca Smith

The nose I agree, but the eye’s I think might just because he wears eye liner a lot, and eye liner does make your eyes look wider.

LuHan Biased

I’m not a really big fan of BTS whatsoever, but I think his nose and eyes look exactly the same. His eyes and aegyosal are still pretty prominent as they were before. Not only that, but when he smiled in the before and after pictures, the nose bridge and nose… Read more »

Kristine Dollente

I don’t think he had any surgeries. It’s 2015, man. Think about the power of make ups or photoshops. It’s hard to say something about someone you barely know especially on site where thousands of people could see it.

Muci Gfgd

Can Jungkook be the next one pleeeease????(^3^)

Siti Nuratiqah Binti Shamsudin

did u ever heard that worked up and diet would make someone become handsome and gain jaw line???he works so hard to become his current state..his skip meal,maintain work up everyday,but then people said he done plastic surgery..hmm..

Angel Solivar Tarzo

I don’t think so. Pfft. Make up can change everything.

Kian Marie Glys Stotbensurg

what!!!!!!!! 😮

Sandy Xyooj

He still looks the same lol. Just got skinnier and matured.


He fell when he was kid , he got 8 stitches it made his right eye looks bigger

Nilar Lun

I think any members of BTS haven’t done any surgery. They all look like the same as before.

Ellan Lou Evangelista

I don’t think that any of the Bangtan members did any surgery at all besides Jhope. Jimim looks the same to me. He just grew up and plus there’s makeup and contoring.

Shandre Chanyeol Park

i dont think he or any member of BTS had any surgery…they still look the same to me….what do you think Hayla Hayden Claire Joseph?

Katelyn Lee Hyojin

Lol. No. His eyes look literally the exact same, and those before pictures at least to me show no difference between his current nose and what you are alleging was a previous. I don’t mean to sound like a butthurt stan like some of the others on this site, but… Read more »

Jasmine Chan

are you sure about that admin? do take a break if you need to. clearly in this post you sound uncertain. jimin is my ultimate bias, but that doesn’t mean i’m going to defend him if he has. if the difference is so small you can hardly see it, it’s… Read more »

Tara Castel

Hum…. I don’t know…. Makeup is a factor sizeable. And Jimin lost weight. A lot of weight I think…

Gummy Ballss

disagree. there r effects and photoshop too…and idk but he still looks the same

Grci Rodrgz

his eyes still look pretty tiny to me without make up so imo no surgery there
as for the nose idk i think w selcas is just the angle, thats what i think

Anthony Ashcraft

Possibly agree with the nosejob but his eyes don’t look any different to me.




maybe he just hit puberty

Lia Dolorier

The eyes tho :O . i thought his eyes got bigger because of contact lenses. (that happened with me tho). Very surprised.

Lizeth De Anda

disagree i think he is natural beauty it doesn’t seem to have had any work done on his nose and eyes, they look exactly the same, i think he just went through adolescence and got thinned, it would explain why his nose looks thinner as i see in his pre-debut… Read more »

Malak Abdelmalik

I disagree…


i agree with you,i also disagree cuz maybe the owner of this website does’nt know that jimin lost weight,before debut he was really chubby her schoolmates call her puppy for his cutie chubby that’s look like a puppy,after got accepted being a trainee he start to working hard for lost… Read more »


but you are not his classmate duh


i agree with you,i also disagree cuz maybe the owner of this website does’nt know that jimin lost weight,before debut he was really chubby her schoolmates call her puppy for his cutie chubby that’s look like a puppy,after got accepted being a trainee he start to working hard for lost… Read more »

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