Plastic Surgery Meter: Sojin, Girl’s Day


I wanted to cover a new group today, so I picked Girl’s Day, and OMG… do they all go to the same surgeon? I’ll just start with Girl’s Day leader, Sojin.

The first thing you’ll notice (or at least, the first thing I noticed) when looking at the pre-debut pics is that Sojin has had quite a major nose job. Her jaw looks a bit different, so she may have had v-line surgery. She’s also had some work done on her eyes, I think double-eyelid surgery.

Before and after pics

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Chow Puppy (@ChowPuppy1)

Congratulations. Whiniest site ever! Do you people seriously have nothing better to do than nitpick the appearances of complete strangers?

John Bernard Marin

Who care…. as long as they are happy… thats the important fact guys….

John Bernard Marin

Long live GIRLS DAY!!!!! FIGHTING!!!!!

Rae Jung

Her jaw-line, nose, cheeks are the most obvious areas.

Phil Pico

Author is abusing propofol, the chances of sojin getting plastic surgery are about the same as the propofol statement. look at her no makeup pics… Read more »

Racheal Ho

The eyes are obvious and the nose. The jaw line maybe botox or surgery idk haha then her chubby jowls are fat graffiti definitely~ because… Read more »

Racheal Ho

The eyes are obvious and the nose. The chin is fill in or maybe botox then her chubby jowls are fat graffiti definitely~ because she’s… Read more »

Javy Lopez Rivera

I really don’t like her exaggerated aegyo sal, it makes her look older

Rista Adelia

Her nose and eyes are really obvious…… and the jaw well idk if that because of weight loss because it won’t be too much change… Read more »

Janne Yro

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Hugo Villar Carrillo

Judging her V-line jaws it’s definitely weight loss by lots of diet.
For me Hyeri

Desi Kozhuharova

I don’t know… I think it’s not a plastic surgery. It’s just that she grew into a grown-up woman. And like Phing Yang said, it’s… Read more »

Phing Yang

the weird thing is i dont think its plastic surgery, i think its the make up before and make up got the same face almost… Read more »

Yuki Ogawa

is this reliable? ur source?

LM Kpop-shop

very different

Michelle Ann Pasco Jover

I think, for me, it is not bad especially if it results very beautiful… Like Park Sojin, a lot of celebrities, not only Korean, but… Read more »

Megan Malenfant

What about the puffiness of her bottom eyelid area? Can’t they get surgery to enhance the… puffiness….? It looks quite a bit larger now? Yeah?… Read more »

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