Plastic Surgery Meter: J-Hope, Bangtan Boys


We’ve had loads of requests for BTS, especially J-Hope, so today we check out his suspicious face. I always suspected him of having some work done to his nose just because it was disproportionately small for his face, but it’s really hard to say if he had a proper nose job or whether he just gets fillers to change the shape of the tip. If you notice in some of his pre-debut pics, he seems to have a flat-tipped nose, while in other and newer pics he has a definite pointed tip. I think he probably went all the way and got a nose job, quite early by the looks of it.

I also think he may have had double eyelid surgery because of his incredibly deep eyelid creases, but it’s possible that these are natural. Without more pre-debut comparison pics it’s difficult to be sure. As for the nose work, I would bet on it!

Before and after pics

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just because someone actually looks ok doesn’t mean they automatically had ps


just because someone actually looks ok doesn’t automatically mean that they did ps

Someone Who Is Not An English Speaker So Excuse My Mistakes Pls Thx ❤️

Wtf Hobi would never get a nose job since he’s scared of everything (he can’t even get his ears pierced !). And yeah, his face… Read more »


Honestly I thought Jhope also had a nosejob because his nose was just so pointy and perfect but then I saw predebut pics and I… Read more »


His nose was straight before but he probs just got fillers or a small nose job to make it appear curvier/pointier at the end. Either… Read more »

He probably wouldn’t get plastic surgery. I mean shit, he can’t even get a piercing… This is plain bs :)))

Antonella Park Monopoli

It s Puberty.He did not make plastic surgery!


I see no difference in J-Hope’s nose.

Nunu Yuya

I’m a diehard ARMY but even I can tell when someone has had ps. Everone is comparing his nose with his sister’s but it’s so… Read more »


his nose is really nice, his forehead too. btw he had braces 🙂


Maybe because of puberty too.It could be though.


1. he looks exactly the same as he does now in that yearbook photo (just that makeup goes a long way)
2. double eyelid tape exists??


He looks the same… and it’s also available for all BTS members, they have no surgery it’s just the makeup -.-


I’ve seen his sister’s photo before. And they have the same nose. Don’t tell me they did nose job? Whatever it is, it look the… Read more »

Try to live like a human but actually is a STONE

bitch please take a look in his sister, their nose are the same! His nose is natural.


Please do jung kook and jin!


Please do jung kook and jimi!

Haley Autry

it’s called his balls dropped and now he’s a man he didn’t get anything done he’s always looked like that none of them have gotten… Read more »

The Kitty Sisters YT account

I know this is so late, but I think he looks really the same from before, he looks handsome since 1994.


he look the same.. i dont think he had surgery..and all of bts members


man, all these delusional fans are quite something

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