Plastic Surgery Meter: L, INFINITE


Compared to many groups, INFINITE seem to be relatively free of plastic surgery. Today we look at the group’s visual, L (Myungsoo), who raises suspicion purely on account of being beautiful. To be fair, his pre-debut pics show that he has always been extremely good-looking. The only thing I wonder about are his eyes.

When L was younger, he had uneven eyelids which were quite pronounced in some photos. These days his eyes look even in most pics, suggesting that he may have had some corrective surgery to fix the issue. When his eyes are shut you can see a clear line on his eyelids (see last pic), which is one of the main giveaways of double eyelid surgery.

Myungsoo himself has apparently denied any plastic surgery.

Before and after pics

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Bless Monarca Baldago

Myungsoo is very handsome:))
He is rare natural.

E-Hope R. Tomas

he is so handsome very much

Izzah Rahiman

they all natural okay..their faces must have change while they growing up..who knows that they do the surgery or not?? well…if they confess then i… Read more »

Shannon Stew-chicken Williams
Jemimah Gosim

He’s so hot! I love Kim Myungsoo! No bashing please!

Tadashi Karino

for me i think his eyes are natural search more about his childhood pics his left eyes is the only eye that has double eye… Read more »

Jamie Chan

Honestly, I’m just saying to myself but there are these ‘thing’ call Eyelid Tape. They help to make your eyelids even & I know because… Read more »

Yanuca Chou

I don’t agree with the part about the “clear line” on the eyelids when you shut the eye being a clear giveaway of double eyelid… Read more »

Charlotte Villamora

i think INFINITE is an anti-surgery group?? in my opinion because when i saw their before and after there are no difference they are so… Read more »

Victoria Loh

Sometimes people have inner double eyelids and when they are young it is really obvious their eyelids are uneven but when they grow older it… Read more »

FiQa Nsz

what is this?! LOL

Richard Dominic Regidor

Just to add to the conversation…I did have the same kind of thing with L’s uneven eyes but it just kinda became more even with… Read more »

Jayden Lee

Seriously, Myungsoo. How could you be so perfect.

Joanne Ngo

im 11 and i have a clear line on my lids too so tht mean i have surgery. Just dont post stuff thts fake and… Read more »

Farah Zoey

double eyelid tape duhhhh . that tape can fix that problem .

Sanjana Ayitha

Wat eva….’ L’ is cute before n after also… Lob you loads…!!!

Lowe Chin

Probably just the eyes. Since the rest looks the same too me. Basing on his pre debut and recent photo. His pre debut photos he… Read more »

Jenny M'Biyemon

Oh really I’ve always thought he had his chin done… It’s so pointy and looks weird sometimes

Haylee Plinky

Apparently you’re not taking requests at the moment, but for when you do…
Can you post about CNU from B1A4 and Zico from Block B 🙂

Elysia Sudworth

As much as I love Myungsoo and I think he is one of the most handsome boys I have ever seen in my life, I… Read more »


Haha when i watch her mom come to infinite variety show..ok now i know where he got such a perfect nose…


his chin looked uneven before. do you think he had it done too?

Kim Anika

Being perfect is a sin

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