Plastic Surgery Meter: J-Hope, Bangtan Boys


We’ve had loads of requests for BTS, especially J-Hope, so today we check out his suspicious face. I always suspected him of having some work done to his nose just because it was disproportionately small for his face, but it’s really hard to say if he had a proper nose job or whether he just gets fillers to change the shape of the tip. If you notice in some of his pre-debut pics, he seems to have a flat-tipped nose, while in other and newer pics he has a definite pointed tip. I think he probably went all the way and got a nose job, quite early by the looks of it.

I also think he may have had double eyelid surgery because of his incredibly deep eyelid creases, but it’s possible that these are natural. Without more pre-debut comparison pics it’s difficult to be sure. As for the nose work, I would bet on it!

Before and after pics

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I think you doesn’t know the meaning of PUBERTY

ラモス チェン

so funny. people quickly point to plastic surgery if they see the smallest of changes on a celebrities face. I wonder if they ever heard… Read more »


Honestly it could just be make up.


Jhope is so sweet tho, it makes him attractive no matter what. His smile <333


I think sometime its just the make up because there has bee no difference with how his nose looks like, even comparing with his nose… Read more »


i dont know is this obvious or not. because my nose was changing. its a bit different, my nose is a bit pointed than before… Read more »


A tip for when you do these “plastic surgery analyzations” is to look at videos of people, not just pictures jfc. Of course every idol… Read more »

Maya Alisha

There’s a lot of people saying this page is lying this is so not true he look just the same also non of bangtan members… Read more »

Evon Thean

There is no difference in predebut and the newer photo ! his face is just bcm thinner and it makes u have optical illusion. wtf.… Read more »

Saeedat Adesokan

Nope. If you look at J-hopes sister and his dad, they all have that nose. I think it was inherited.

Afifah Alif Maghend Daniel

Found it the same ._. Can you please do jungkook, pleaaase 😀

Rozy Lo

I think he inherited that fake looking but natural nose from his father, his father appeared in his birthday video, the father had the same… Read more »

Sab Li

Ever since I noticed his unnatural-looking nose, I’ve been wondering if he had surgery. Like other people said, his sister has the same one. So… Read more »


Ohh just wondering if their dad did the ps too cos i think his nose look the same. Umm. It maybe inherited. Having nice nose… Read more »

Spottie Splatter Splash

JHope uses double eyelid tape lol As well as Jungkook and V. You can see he has monolids in Kota Kinabalu video.

Irba Tartila AmtIyaz

incredibly deep eyelid is possible you konw, I mean, I have a really deep dpuble eyelid and I dont do any suruger

Irba Tartila AmtIyaz


Lyn Dizon Bermeo

seriously ?? compare photos of different angles ???

Ginalyn Apaya

wow so cutely

Izzah Mohd Nor

at first when i come to this fandom. i thought he make a nose job but after i look at pic that was him and… Read more »

Fatimah Fateha

jimin you are so cute <3 it :3

Raraa Maisarah

Jungkook, bangtan boys

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