Plastic Surgery Meter: Sunny, Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

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Sunny forehead implant
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[Updated: January 23, 2014] One of our lovely readers has alerted us to another plastic surgery procedure Sunny has undergone. If you look at the photo on the right, you can clearly the outline of her forehead implant. We were also told that she wears or used to wear eyelid tape to give the illusion of double eyelids. I still think it’s highly likely that she eventually had eyelid surgery because, lets be honest, double eyelid surgery is far less invasive than a forehead implant!

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[October 13, 2013] Sunny has the KPOP Combo, which is an eye job and a nose job. If you look closely at the before and after pics, you can see that she may also have had a chin implant or some work done on her jaw.  I know many SNSD fans are in denial about Sunny’s plastic surgery, but you don’t just sprout a nose bridge out of nowhere.

Before and after pics


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Sanya West

Why does it have to be plastic surgery and not a good makeup artist???

Jéssica Almeida

Her face looks really weird in Lion Heart MV.

Gabby Flores

I don’t understand why they are comparing pictures of her from when she was super young, probably around 13. It’s a… Read more »

Sunny Lee Soon Kyu

so ano naman kong nag pa plastic surgery sila bakit ikaka ganda nyo ba ang pang lalait nyo sa kanila di… Read more »

Amanda Holmes

I love how on the guy posts, it’s everyone shouting how “He didn’t have plastic surgery!” “Oh it only makes him… Read more »

Zariah Amaya

Koreans are so fake…all they care about is their faces. Sunny was god ugly and she still is tbh

Hasty Berford

Sunnnnny, so pretty.

Hariz Nonis

At least we know her boobs are natural….

Lorelie Guzon

What’s the point of these stuffs? :3 Will it change something to someone? It’s normal to have surgery esp. to Kpop… Read more »

Reyhan Arif Budiman

Am i the only one who think her forehead implant picture is… creepy?

Mitzi Joy Udtuhan

Thanks to PS, she was now called Aegyo Queen. Kekekeke.

Shen Rabara

She’s trying to be noticed now that Jessica’s out. She’s always the underrated one.she is a bitch, a secret bitch.if you… Read more »

Raihan Jung

Her face changes since two years after SNSD debut.

Leila Noori

the nose of sunny is still the same at the fist before(left) picture and last after(right) picture… alsoshe uses makeup you… Read more »

Mimi Kyng

Why do ppl talk like surgery is a sin that’ll cast you into the pits of hell?! Lol. It’s clear Sunny… Read more »

Isabella Loftis

Stop bashing her!! T~T It doesn’t matter how much plastic surgery she got, she may regret it but what is done… Read more »

Juliette Kelsey

Maybe a boob job, too.

Lucy Lu

Woah… Such a fake…

Maria Kim

her lips too

Farah Amin

Could you pls make about Jessica’s plastic surgery?

Kiara Maddaloni

Sunny was a …..

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