Plastic Surgery Meter: Daesung, BIGBANG

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Unfortunately, we can’t call Daesung of BIGBANG a natural beauty. Although he hasn’t gone under the knife for cosmetic reasons, he did get plastic surgery after breaking his nose and orbital bones in a car accident in 2009. He said he was disappointed with the result because he basically looked the same before and after. Personally, I think Daesung has a charming face and a smile to rival SHINee’s Onew. It’s sort of awesome that he didn’t use his necessary surgery as an excuse to get an entirely new face.

Before and after pics


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Actually, Daesung did not get plastic surgery for anything. In a Happy Together interview, Seungri talked about saying that Daesung is… Read more »

Amanda Blackmon Zarovsky

Daesung isn’t a natural beauty? Of course he is! He is naturally awesome and beautiful. He doesn’t need surgery to make… Read more »

Esraa Abou-Riyash

His Face ( Nose and orbital bones) were kept the same upon his request, Seungri Mentioned that in an interview, but… Read more »

Park Ana Rita

I really love him omg

Crystal Pool


Rifda Zulfa

this website is so pathetic.

Farhida Gonzales Arumugam

cmon dont be to hard on him hahahah he had his nose done exactly the same.

Lo Phuong Thao

Actually,I see Daesung is so natural. if he get plastic surgery, he will look pretter so much! but now he not… Read more »

Audrey Brigita

Daesung you are my favorite after T.O.P

Diana Mgoian

No one from BogBang do plastik. They’ve natural beauty

Eiynn Zhall

For me……Kang Daesung is a pretty him so much.nothing can change this filling.proud of Kang Daesung!! <3

Kim Jonghyun

Why do you think it’s amazing? He is a natural beauty and don’t need an other plastic surgery or more. He… Read more »

Kathia Cabra

Onew and Daesung look so alike @.@

Mirta Ana Schultz

I find him charming. His smile is wonderful. His looks, while not the expected idol pretty boy or handsome man looks,… Read more »

Voadicia Okinawa

You can call Daesung a natural beauty alright. The man is beautiful in anyway, he lacks nothing in looks, personality, or… Read more »

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