Plastic Surgery Meter: Taeyang, BIGBANG


I was about ready to call Taeyang a natural beauty, but then I noticed his nose job! Yes, even BIGBANG’s Youngbae went under the knife. If you look at the pictures you can see that he used to have quite a bump on the bridge of his nose, which seems to have magically disappeared with age. And by “magically” I mean “surgically”! At least it doesn’t look like he’s had anything else done.

Before and after pics

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Lawun Anna

I like him whatever is he did plastic surgery

Judy Zhang

I think everyone’s imagining that the bump is still there… It’s not

Jenna Marbles

Nope, YB is still natural, viewed from the underside and from the front he still has the bump on the bridge.

Cheng Saechao

It’s obviously easy to say pop stars have plastic surgeries! Especially Koreans in general… they are known to have it done. It’s one of the… Read more »

Ika Dian Aruna

who cares he’s hot HHHA

Gina Arauz

Anyone ever stop to think that it could be a boy’s face growing into a man’s? I do notice a difference here, but I also… Read more »

Sierra Lm Ao

He couldn’t have had surgery. Especially not on his eyes. He still has small eyes, so there was definitely no double eyelid surgery done there!

Alana Kristine

Its Still There! you cant use airbrushed and photoshopped pics for after…that bump is still there today…

Pierre Angelique Rae Rose

AISH, ANIYA! He’s natural. make up can do the powers! Seriously, why so stupid? And weight loss. Puberty, please enough with this stupidity.

Sophia Burton After reading a lot of these posts i decided to write something about it myself! Go check it out and start/join the debate

Jessie Wang

But I feel like the ‘bump’ in his nose makes him look hotter

Alisha Yang

Seems like weight loss to me i dont think he had plastic surgery done…

Muhammad Ame

idiot. Do not compare his photoshoot picture with his bareface. Of course the photoshoot pictures will “FLAWLESS” too much manipulations. You should see his current… Read more »

Chae Rin

I don’t care whether they did that plastic surgery or whatever . Its not just because of their appearance we fell in their fandom but… Read more »

Cindy Zoey Vazquez

Still the Man of my Dreams!!

Charlotte Ramström

Chin implants?

Mimi Kyng

I still love taeyang! I just realized how his nose bridge looked different which led me here to this page when I looked it up.

Gergana Docheva

off there are so cute and before 😀 <3

Mehtap Morgane Biricik

And I was wondering that something changed about him but I couldn’t find what. Thanks to your website I know now , is yg having… Read more »

Ryu Huyubusa

There Is more done if you notice

Maricor Subido Butanas

It’s just the make up. I really don’t believe I’m sorry.

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