Plastic Surgery Meter: Taeyeon, Girls’ Generation (SNSD)


Taeyeon of SNSD denies any plastic surgery, but you only have to look at her nose to spot a liar. Her little ski jump is the kind of perfect nose you can only acquire through surgery. I suspect the full KPOP Combo, meaning she’s also had double eyelid surgery along with the obvious rhinoplasty. It’s possible her jaw has been shaved to make it a bit narrower, her chin looks a bit smaller. Check out the before pics and see how she used to have a somewhat wider face.

It’s upsetting to know that all these girls (and guys!) are messing with their faces to look like clones of each other, especially when most of the people we cover on this website were good-looking to begin with.


Before and after pics

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You can’t just straight up say this about her. So what its perfect u can’t just look at the nose and say “oh, her nose… Read more »

Chelsea Singgar

Just because they did plastic surgery, that doesn’t make them attention seekers. Just imagine. If you’re the best singer in the world but you’re not… Read more »

blesila arizo

true snsd is lastic surgery!


shes always had that nose tho and her brother has the same nose so i dont she think she got a nose job…


nose* oops sorry for the error

Anj O'Nhel

There’s a thing called “Puberty”

Tadashoo Hermana

She shaved her jaw SO much! I noticed it very quick. I was so upset honestly I loved her unique face before, it was so… Read more »

Alexander Torrance

With all respect but this site tends to put pictures where people were too young (puberty; we all now that our features still not defined… Read more »

Paulynn Torres

I still love her. And no one cant stop me

Alexis Cinco


Astrid Maldonado

I think she got even more work done since then, because if you compare her face in her “I” music video and photoshoots, it looks… Read more »

Maria A Segovia

Why use pictures from their pre puberty/puberty years and compare them to how they look now, knowing at that age your body stills developing+changing. if… Read more »

Kristie Tjandrapramono

the first picture from the second line, the nose look crooked just because her head was goes on the side, i think… also about the… Read more »

Kent Stephen Antigua

If she had the eyelid surgery, i think its stil questionable because none of gg members said they did some surgery. I mean, we have… Read more »

Fara Nadiah Idris

Hahaa the majority is manye kpop idol do the plastic surgery…..

Fara Nadiah Idris

And…since 1989 plastic surgery haved a t korean until now…soo many kpop idol do it the surgery before they start to show their performent….

JiYeon Park

she is not having plastic surgery, its her natural beauty

JiYeon Park

its only uneven when she have makeup, but when you see her in personal, no make up, its only the same in the first pic

Luceziita Chan
Dana Zainescu

She didn’t have a nose job. It looks the same to me: Using contouring makes it look smaller, but she had a small nose… Read more »

Ajeng Sekar Kirana

Well i think without plastic surgery taeyeon’s face already beautiful

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