Plastic Surgery Meter: Taeyeon, Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

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Taeyeon of SNSD denies any plastic surgery, but you only have to look at her nose to spot a liar. Her little ski jump is the kind of perfect nose you can only acquire through surgery. I suspect the full KPOP Combo, meaning she’s also had double eyelid surgery along with the obvious rhinoplasty. It’s possible her jaw has been shaved to make it a bit narrower, her chin looks a bit smaller. Check out the before pics and see how she used to have a somewhat wider face.

It’s upsetting to know that all these girls (and guys!) are messing with their faces to look like clones of each other, especially when most of the people we cover on this website were good-looking to begin with.


Before and after pics

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Anj O'Nhel

There’s a thing called “Puberty”

Tadashoo Hermana

She shaved her jaw SO much! I noticed it very quick. I was so upset honestly I loved her unique face… Read more »

Paulynn Torres

I still love her. And no one cant stop me

Alexis Cinco


Astrid Maldonado

I think she got even more work done since then, because if you compare her face in her “I” music video… Read more »

Maria A Segovia

Why use pictures from their pre puberty/puberty years and compare them to how they look now, knowing at that age your… Read more »

Fara Nadiah Idris

Hahaa the majority is manye kpop idol do the plastic surgery…..

Fara Nadiah Idris

And…since 1989 plastic surgery haved a t korean until now…soo many kpop idol do it the surgery before they start to… Read more »

JiYeon Park

she is not having plastic surgery, its her natural beauty

Ajeng Sekar Kirana

Well i think without plastic surgery taeyeon’s face already beautiful

Daisy Tai

out of all the girls i really doubt taeyeon had any, she had just lost a lot of weight to be… Read more »

Aj Simon

I dont see the problem with it if you can make yourself look better why not now i dont agree with… Read more »


Damn so much plastic surgery. Euw

Eder Bataille

She obviously had a nose job done since her nose was spotted melting in the ice cream shoot recently.

Salida Breganaku

You can change after so many years.Me too my face was different from today so dont lie

Gabriella Joyce

Shes already pretty since she was still a kid. She doesnt need any PG srsly why SM-_-

Renti Fitriani

Who cares about taeyeon got surgery or not. She is entertainer and most of non entertainer outta there also did surgery.… Read more »

Honey Cordova

Some immature fans wouldn’t reallu just give up.. SNSD had surgery, especially Taeyeon.. Fans who won’t accept this will die. Kidding.… Read more »

Shahrul Akma

ok so if i compare my picture when i was 8 years old and now then i had done a surgery??… Read more »

Sophia Silverio

its just before, her face is chubby, and because of some diet, she become like that now

Irish L. Jaguio

No Yuri?

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