Plastic Surgery Meter: Hyuna, 4Minute


Hyuna looked very different at the start of her career than how she does now. One of her groups, 4Minute, made a statement saying that none of them had ever gone under the knife. Clearly this is a lie. Hyuna appears to have the KPOP Combo (nose and eyes), possibly even more than that, as her face looks very unnatural. At the very least, she’s had her nose done. This is painfully obvious from the before and after photos.

Before and after pics
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she shld have stopped at ‘volume up’ or ‘change’ era.

Melonieshut Suacau Yang

She still looked good without surgery i just watched a video of er crying because she called her mom and her mom said warming words… Read more »

Chua Yip Cong

After watching a red bts of hyuna, I find that she looks very diff from before. I was shocked looking at her changing so much.… Read more »

Peony Kim

Just saw a recent picture of her on tumblr (she was in NY) and I didn’t not recognize her at all. She’s really pretty but… Read more »

Elisabeth Addicks

OMG I think I just fell in love with Hyuna again, haha. This time with her old pics. Love her old nose

Bipasana Siddhi Bajracharya
Julien Stark

I’m not denying she had surgrey but all the before photos have her smiling which naturally widens ur nose

Viktoria Til

oh no! why? she was pretty before too! :/

Khanye M. Arslan

she hasnt had anything done ffs do you people know what “aging” is? ur face changes in time thats natural. and the comparisons are retarded… Read more »

Fadimo Farah

I think it’s just the fact that she lost weight. Makeup and photoshop can do wonders now. And have you noticed the photos from now… Read more »

かわいい ねこ

you guys should know about the “eye and nose” combination. the Entertainment is the responsible for the surgery and not Hyuna. No matter how beautiful… Read more »

Aylinh Oeng

She looks very different in her recent comeback teaser images. If she had done something more, can you do an update?

Б. Чажука

She looks like SNSD Sunny and WG Yubin little bit? :)) sh really looks different 😛

Kathy Idk

I have to admit, she looks very stunning. Plastic Surgery well done as well. So stunning.

Mia Leonard

She looks extremely different now. From January this year to now it looks like she changed everything about her face. What’s happened to her?!

Ryan Topaloglu

She admitted to nose implants but no surgery.

Juliette Kelsey

The jaw shaving is pretty obvious, too.

Sasha Popova

Ah, sorry, I see. But she is 4minute now

Sasha Popova

When? Wonder girls debuted without her

Sasha Popova

She is from 4minute

Inji Hssne

moi j’aime hyuna

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