Plastic Surgery Meter: G-Dragon, BIGBANG

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GD chin implant
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[Updated: July 12, 2014] G-Dragon was one of the very first people we covered on this website. As such, it wasn’t a very long or interesting post. It’s been on the update list since the beginning of the year, so let’s get to it!

Now, clearly GD has had at least one nose job. At first, it was just his nostrils that seemed smaller, so I assumed he’d possibly had a nostril reduction. These days, his nose looks even smaller and finer, leading me to believe he may have had a second nose job. What we know for sure: He’s had at least one. But what we really want to talk about is not his nose job, it’s his chin implant. Yes, GD’s jawline  is not the jawline he was born with (see comparison on the right).

If you need even more proof, check out this gif to see the implant in action:

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Pretty sure these pics will be able to quash any fan denial that comes our way.

Please do everyone a favor and don’t hate on GD in the comments, or anywhere else for that matter. He’s a cool dude and he can do whatever he likes with his face, just as we’re allowed to discuss.

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[October 12, 2013] It actually annoys me when people can’t spot an obvious nose job, for example, on GD. Please note: He did not just “lose some weight in his face” or “get really good at applying foundation”, he had an operation on his nose to make it more petite. And no disrespect either, I love G-Dragon. It doesn’t look like he’s had more work done than that. He seems to have fixed his teeth at some point, but almost all KPOP Idols do this, and it doesn’t count as surgery anyway.

Before and after pics


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Shelly Sim

And what I don’t get is what’s the point of creating this blog anyway? People have thier own opinion whether he… Read more »

Sabrina Ribeiro

I still didn´t see any differences in GD. Him and his face still the same.

Judy Zhang

Ok I am a VIP too but there’s really no point to denying the nose job or chin implant

Khairul Syeraa

Idk why some of the fans seem cannot take the reality .

Jenna Marbles

I personally don’t think he did. He used to have baby fat in his face and seems he lost it over… Read more »

Dos Noty

Tetap comel

Farhida Gonzales Arumugam

The two after pictures you have (left and right) are pre chin job.I think he had it around 2013 (well ate… Read more »

Kerry Mills

Your nose changes and grows throughout your life, even when you lose weight so that’s a bit of a tough call… Read more »

Nadya Rey S

he looks cute before 🙂

Cicy Lu

I personally don’t think this is true!!! Because when people grow up and getting older their face change alittle(which happened to… Read more »

Donna Salazar

I think his jawline/chin has to do with his teeth. If your Orthodontist deal with your teeth, it will affect your… Read more »

Majo Alfaro Linares

and what? we care about his talent “!! GD forever

Milla Aranha

Lindo antes e lindo dps, GD

Ika Dian Aruna

i miss the old and original jiyong no offense

Sayomi Lhyn

aytss, , , ,ofcourse some features of the face may change because people aged, they matured, , ,

Yeoja BaeBae Kpopperz IV

i think the scnd pic was small edited . the ‘after’ pics is just makeup affect . by using eyeliner. and… Read more »

Bonia Qm

I should see his old picture with dami. His nose is waay different than that

Nimrat Gill

There is no harm in surgeries ,GD looks amazing now , just as he looked a few years back 🙂 Even… Read more »

Pierre Angelique Rae Rose


Jone Rizal

that gif made me cringe
my god thats just too obvious

Sean Yi

I don’t think these pics are convincing enough to prove he had chin or jaw surgery. Almost all the side by… Read more »

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